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I am on a mission to help people shift to more empowered lifestyles—mind, body and soul. Would you like to join me?

My team is growing rapidly and I am always looking for those who would like to be mentored in one of the world’s most ethical and eco-friendly businesses on the planet.

It would be an honour to work with you if you feel the call. To find out more, read on…

Choose faith over fear.
Be YOU without apology.
Listen to your heart.
Shine your light—Every. Single. Day.

You’re already doing this, at least in your mind. You know who you are, but long for others around you to support you as you blaze your path; helping others, empowering them—and yourself as you do.

Now, it’s time to grab your biggest dreams with both hands, be supported by others who get you at a soul level; a tribe who will walk with you, encourage you and then some.

What You Already Know to Be True

Real beauty is a state of being, not how you look;

You can shape your reality and you’ve done just that many times before, but perhaps not to the level you truly desire;

One person can make a huge impact. And you know in your heart that is you;

You and your family deserve financial security, through doing something that brings you all joy;

You love, and thrive on, heart-to-heart connections and would love more of that, please.

You know you’re destined for something more meaningful.

But what IS that thing?  

Below is an opportunity that grabbed me by the heart and soul almost three years ago. And now, I’m showing you “the something” that may just speak to your heart and soul, too.

Below is a snapshot into the world of essential oils with one of the world’s most ethical businesses on the planet, doTERRA. This is how YOU can partner with myself, my team and doTERRA. This is how you can join me and a team of likeminded visionaries who have experienced the power pure essential oils for mind, body and soul.

If your heart is already tugging at your sleeve with what you’ve heard so far, I invite you to read on. It would be an honour to welcome you to our conscious collective of heart-driven collaborators.

Real Beauty, Rebels with a Cause

We are a growing team of heart-driven, passionate trailblazers who know we are here to change the world for the better, through lifting others up; helping them see their true beauty and shine that light they know they possess. We give others the space, support and inspiration to dance like no-one is watching and the courage to stay on the dance floor, even if someone is.

We are here to empower, uplift, bring joy and be examples of what it means to walk and authentic path.

Our conscious collective are women and men (and their families) who have linked arms with—and stand behind—one of the most ethical businesses on the plant, doTERRA Essential Oils.

Our work involves empowering others with natural wellness solutions, glowing skin from the inside out, digestive calm, sound sleep, strong immunity, emotional balance, upliftment and more. We are wellness warriors with a cause bigger than our own.

The mission that drives us also involves ongoing personal transformation in powerful ways, for our team, our families, our collaborators.

A Model that Gives, Gives and Gives

doTERRA sources the world’s most pure essential oils, all the while giving back to the communities from which they come. This is also our opportunity to impact thousands of lives, from the growers, harvesters and distillers, to the people purchase oils for themselves and those who decide to grow their own doTERRA business. Read about the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation here.

How it Works

For many of us, it took just one drop of oil to bring that ah-ha moment. For me, it was Frankincense. For you, it could be lavender, helichrysum or copaiba. Whichever oil it is, there are more to explore that can support you in ways unimaginable.

You’ll choose your oils and you’ll quickly discover what I’m talking about.

Your oils become part of your life, supporting you as you watch the results unfold. It will become impossible not to talk to others about how these plant medicines reach you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. This is a return to the power and wisdom of Mother Nature.

You’ll feel as if you have a secret that is too good not to share. You will very quickly feel deeply compelled to share the secret with the intention of positively impacting those around you and beyond.

Our team, and I, will support you on your journey. We will offer mentorship and friendship, teaching you the ins and outs of sharing these beautiful gifts of the earth.

You will be given free training and mentoring, alongside others just like you.

Every week, you’ll invite others, just like you, into your community to experience the oils, just like you have; educating them on the wellness and empowerment that awaits them.

Some of those people will grasp the opportunity like you did, opening their minds and hearts to the business opportunity that has the potential to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

As your team grows, I will mentor you on ways your efforts can be duplicated for maximum momentum and growth.

This business is way beyond residual income. While financial stability is nice, our dream goes beyond our own backyards. We are here to show others how to shine their light and live a life of heart-driven purpose.

If what you’ve read speaks to you on any level, I invite you to reach out by clicking the button below to reach me by email. I’ll then be in touch to answer any burning questions you have.

I’m so looking forward to connecting and walking this incredible path together!

shannon dunn

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