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Massage by Intuition for Mind, Body & Spirit

March 30, 2011

There’s nothing like a good massage to fade away the stresses of a hectic workweek and busy social life. Yet finding a masseuse who has just the right technique for your taste can be stressful itself, or at least leave you feeling disappointed that you didn’t quite get what you paid for.

Enter Gisele Faddoul, known by her colleagues and clients as somewhat of a massage guru. Her technique is based on intuition, with each session tailored uniquely to each person, beginning with a reading of energy levels.

Working from the Isika Day Spa in Melbourne’s (Australia) Crown Metropol, Gisele is the spa’s sole practitioner of intuitive massage, a technique that takes the whole person into consideration to ensure maximum benefit. It’s literally a massage of mind, body and soul.

It’s not uncommon, Gisele says, for her clients to be moved to tears or experience short bursts of tingling sensations during a session, which can involve vigorous back massage using long strokes to encourage positive energy flow throughout the body.

I caught up with Gisele to find out more…

How did the Intuitive Massage come about?

It started about 15 years ago, when i realized there was more to the person than the physical body. My Intuitive side started developing in my 20s and enhanced my massage treatment. Progressively, my massage work changed to Intuitive treatment.

What does it involve?

It involves connecting to your higher self and to the spiritual collective energy first. What follows is a set up of different channeled levels of releases to balance the emotional, mental and physical bodies. A technique of vibrational work mixed with spiritual connectivity and soul reading are tools used to level out the person’s energy.

However, not everyone is ready to release the three parts of them selves in one treatment. To help with the progress, we can equally treat each part separately and adapt to the person’s wish. The Intuitive Massage can be a customized treatment to help the person on a physical level only or a more involved treatment with awareness to the person’s emotional and mental language.

How popular is it?

Since my practice of the treatment 15 years ago, its has escalated in many numbers and is open to so much more growth.

Are more people gravitating towards treatments such as this?

On a physical level only: A large number of my clients are people with chronic muscular tightness. They would visit me after hearing successful stories of improved muscular recovery after the treatments or after failed visits to chiropractors or physiotherapists.

On a deeper level: It also has a lot of popularity amongst people who are ready to acknowledge the inner and deeper parts of them selves.

How can people give themselves an Intuitive Massage, say on their legs or arms at night, to de-stress?

They will not be able to. They will need to come for the channeled treatment.

How can we learn to use our intuition more?

Meditation and yoga practices are a great way to start the opening of your intuitive side. By calming the mind and stretching the energy points, the person is more in touch with their total body and their inner world.

What products do you use and how natural are they? What do you particularly like about them?

Most of the time I don’t need to use any products. At times, I will incorporate a back and legs massage to stimulate the touch side of the person. Almond massage oil or Aromatherapy Associates oils are used to enhance the massage and the sensory feeling.


Intuitive massage is able to relax the mind and bring an individual’s innermost emotions to the surface. When the mind and body is relaxed, individuals are left with a positive outlook and the ability to think more clearly and be more focused in all that they do, from work, to sport to leisure activities and social interaction. Those who have experienced intuitive massage report that they feel more creative, less easily distracted and are able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Many people describe that a solution to a problem becomes clear at the conclusion of an intuitive massage treatment.

Intuitive massage can also assist with releasing emotional blockages that hold people back from maximizing their full professional and personal potential. Through intuitive massage, both negative and positive emotions are brought to the surface. Negative emotions can vanish and help kick-start the healing process while the release of positive emotions provides a natural high. Individuals often report that they have a renewed sense of wellbeing or optimism in the hours or days following a powerful intuitive massage experience.


From a physical point of view, through gentle manipulation of the body’s nerve endings, intuitive massage is able to release built up tension, accelerate the flow of blood and increase the efficiency of the body’s lymphatic system.


By releasing emotional blockages and physical tensions, spiritual awareness is heightened which results in feelings of an inner calmness and clear, lucid thinking.

Isika’s intuitive massage costs AU$235.00 for a 90 minute treatment. To book, email

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