• #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} A Bronzite Stone is a protective and grounding mineral that helps to restore harmony in your life. It strengthens your self-confidence and self-esteem, especially in situations where you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or powerless. Bronzite healing properties help to alleviate any feelings of doubt or indecisiveness. This particular bronzite meaning makes this a very beneficial stone to use when considering plans for the future.

Bronzite stones help you to take responsibility for your actions, while balancing, grounding and stabilizing your energy body in the process. Bronzite healing properties not only repel, but send back the negative energies to the sender. They instill the inner strength and courage to follow through with your actions to pave way for your dreams to come true.
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} A Selenite wand (pictured) is the ideal energy tool for all types of energy cleansing. Everyone needs one in their home. It is one of the the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. Place one on each of your windowsills to protect your space and raise its vibration. Selenite crystals also greatly magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them. Place your tumbled stones on top of them to clear their energy. 💎
Selenite is one of our must-have crystals—it’s one that we both wear each and everyday. It is a mineral that holds a very, very high vibration, working on many different energetic levels to cleanse, purify and clear your body of any negativity or energy blockages. Selenite crystals dispel all negative energy from the body and mind, bringing calming energies, deep peace and mental clarity.
Unknown to many, Selenite also promotes fertility as well as unlocks any creative blocks. It is excellent for healers, light workers and people in the public to wear, as they act as an energetic shield surrounding your aura. Some even believe that its' natural ability to cleanse, purify and create energy flow throughout the entire energy system will help to restructure and regenerate cells. It is often used in holistic medicine treatments for physical healing, including cancer treatment and tumor reduction. 💎
Wearing a selenite necklace also shields and protects you from lower energy frequencies, especially energy vampires, spirits or ghosts. Selenite is a form of liquid light that infuses your aura and spirit with white light when worn or held.
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} An Andalusite stone is very powerful for psychic protection, grounding and motivation. Carry it with you when you are feeling anxious, stressed or fearful to help you feel more secure and protected.

Since ancient times, Andalusite stones have been used for protection. They believed that the Andalusite meaning as a sign from God, as it has a very unique, natural black cross within it. Andalusite stones carry a very highly protective vibration, especially for psychic protection. In ancient times, it was used to ward off the evil eye and any negativity directed at them. An Andalusite Stone is a powerful healing stone for focus and grounding, helping to strengthen all of your chakras so that you feel more balanced. It increases your motivation and willpower, so that you are fully focused on your task or goal. The andalusite metaphysical properties include having a deep connection with the Earth. When you hold these stones in your hands, you will feel a spiritually grounding and comforting energy. It helps you to change any negative energy into positive, fostering harmony and peace. Andalusite stones are also wonderful stones to carry when you are feeling fearful, depressed, anxious or stressed, as it helps to relieve stress and leaves you feeling more secure. 💎
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} Peacock Ore’s (also called Chalcopyrite) rainbow color surrounds you with light to inspire positivity. It is a stone of creativity, innovation and blessings that helps to increase creative energies and stimulate new ideas. Hold it in your hands and say: Negative energy will not enter my space. I am surrounded by light and peace. This will amplify its properties for peace and protection.

Chalcopyrite is a wonderful meditation stone because it breaks up energy blockages to open up the crown chakra. It is also believed to be one of the strongest healing stones in the mineral kingdom, as it has the ability to align every chakra when placed upon it. Using it in body layouts causes a transformative experience that removes negative energy and replaces it with strong, positive energy. Meditating with them on a regular basis increases your intuition and helps you to become more in tune with the universe. It is also said to help us overcome the idea of “perfection,” encouraging us to embrace who we are and accept ourselves. 💎 
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} Black Tourmaline is one the ultimate protection crystals. If you are looking to clear, cleanse and unlock any energy blockages in your home, place a piece of Black Tourmaline in each of the 4 corners of the room or at the 4 corners of your property. This creates a protective shield of energy to ensure that no negative and harmful energy permeates your space. The human body is constantly bombarded with positive and negative energies. When you come in contact with people everyday, you often pick up some of their energy. To maintain a balanced mind, body and spirit, you want to make sure that your energy is 100% your own, so knowing how to remove negative energy from your energy field is key. 💎
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} One of the oldest stones on the planet, Shungite is a must-have for any crystal collection. All gemstones have healing qualities, but in the case of this super stone, the unique purifying and cleansing properties of shungite make it unlike any of the other protection crystals. Found only in Russia, shungite has been a source of healing since long before the discovery of fullerenes within the stone. The natural fullerenes within this carbon dense stone have the ability to reduce the concentration of free radicals. That's why we always recommend setting shungite protection properties on your desk, to shield against the free radicals cast off by your tech devices. It's also great to place shungite in a glass of water to create a healing elixir. The high-carbon content within shungite acts as a filter. Modern water filtration systems use active charcoal carbon for the same reason. In Karelia, Russia, where shungite is found, they've been using shungite in their water for centuries! 💎
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} Black Onyx is one of the best crystals for protection because it facilitates better decision making. In connecting with a black onyx protection crystal, you can work to shield your energy from regressing into negative habits or patterns. It's ideal for releasing tension, and guides you to find grounding within. Use black onyx to find stability during times of turmoil in your relationships. The self-confidence this stone imbues you with comes from that sense of balance within. It will encourage you to pursue your dreams without fear. Wear it as protection crystal jewelry and always have a bodyguard to shield your inner spirit from unwanted intrusions. 💎 
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} Energy is your most precious human resource. Your energy makes you, you. Your physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy and spiritual energy all contribute to how you feel and show up to your life on a day to day basis. 
Your mind, body and spirit are constantly bombarded with positive and negative energies. Even when you do your best to maintain a positive mindset, you are still susceptible to the energies of others and your surroundings. When your co-worker or loved one is stressed, you may pick up that energy and take it on as your own. If you walk into a room where an argument just occurred, your energy field picks up the energetic residue left in the space. This is why it’s of utmost importance to prioritize protecting your energy.

When you feel safe, secure and energized on all levels, you just feel good. You are grounded, calm and able to make better decisions. Your performance at work sky rockets. Your relationships become easier. And your home feels like a safe, harmonious haven.

So what can you do to protect your energy? That’s where crystal energy comes into play. Throughout this week on the @ecobeautyeditor feed, you’ll learn what crystals are best for protection of your space and your energy.
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK This week’s @ecobeautyeditor feed will be guest edited by Heather and Timmi from (my all-time favourite) crystal house, @energymuse The women are going to be talking about crystals for energy protection — one of the most overlooked health and wellness subjects on the planet IMO. We are actually first and foremost energetic beings, so it makes complete sense that we would need to put certain protocols in place to protect (and nourish) our energy reserves. If you’re a crystal lover like me, stay tuned to find out what ones Heather and Timmi recommend, and why.
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Shannon's Edit

Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Beyond

February 17, 2018

When you’re a mama that has a child with eczema and food allergies, you become somewhat of a detective – especially when you’re not willing to walk the path of steroid creams and topical, short-term fixes. So where do you turn when you decide to treat your child holistically?

No one can answer that question for you because every child is different and has different needs, different triggers for their allergies and different constitutions. A good start is to tune into your mama gut. I filed away good-meaning advice, disengaged my brain for a moment and tuned into what I knew in my heart and gut what would be best in our situation. That’s precisely what I did when my daughter first presented with chronic eczema at around four months.

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Listening to my gut and heart lead me to various holistic treatments and professional advice—all which have combined to give the best outcome I could wish for: a child with almost no allergies and no more rash, scratching or ever-present scabs (did I mention sleepless nights?). One such treatment is homeopathy, which continues to be a medicine cabinet staple in our home.

The homeopath I regularly seek advice from is Lee-Anne McCall from The Healing Haven Homeopathic Dispensary in Auckland (New Zealand). Lee-Anne, DipHom(NZ), RCHom, is passionate about homeopathy and empowering mothers to learn how to use homeopathy in the home to keep their families healthy and in balance. She is also trained in CEASE therapy.

Here, we chat about the ins and outs of this seemingly subtle yet powerful holistic treatment.

If you have a question for Lee-Anne, please leave it in the comments below.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was developed in the late 1700’s. It is the original nanomedicine. We use minute doses of natural substances such as minerals and plants. Homeopathy gently stimulates the body’s immune system to begin the healing process bringing you into a greater balance. The best thing about homeopathy is that it can work deeply not only on the physical body but it also acts to balance the mind and emotions.

A homeopath is interested in what is unique about you and your symptoms so that we can individualize our prescription to you specifically. This means that 10 different cases of back pain may actually need 10 different remedies. We are not a one size fits all method.

Homeopathy is the definition of holistic medicine as it takes into account how the person is functioning on the physical, mental and emotional and seeks an improvement on all levels.

How can it benefit mamas and babies?

I wouldn’t be without my homeopathic remedies as a new mother!

Homeopathy can support the bodies natural processes through all stages of pregnancy. From conception right through all the unique needs of mum during the different trimesters. Homeopathic remedies may provide support for your body’s natural responses to a wide spectrum of pregnancy related ailments and injuries.

Homeopathic remedies may provide support for your body’s natural responses to a wide spectrum of pregnancy related ailments and injuries.

Our remedies can help with feelings of anticipation for first-time birthers and support the body’s natural timing with labour and birth, including recovery.

Once baby has arrived, our remedies are fantastic to have on hand to enhance bubs natural functioning defence systems.

Mamas can be supported by homeopathy through the emotional high and lows of motherhood.


What about children with allergies?

Unfortunately, children with allergies are so common and can often be linked with gut health. As well as being passed down genetically through parents if they have experienced any allergies.

Allergic symptoms can present in many ways, asthma, eczema, hayfever, food intolerances, concentration issues and unhealthy bowel movements. Homeopathic remedies in the correct potency and repetition may also help to strengthen our inherited weak points and support our own body’s natural functioning defence systems.

With homeopathy, we can support gut health as well as strengthen our inherent weak points and really build up children’s overall health, so they no longer experience intense allergic symptoms. Homeopathy was an integral part during the strengthening of my body so I no longer suffer from hayfever and allergies.

What are some basic fundamentals of homeopathy every mama should know?

Homeopathy is a health care option for the whole family! It is also fine to use in conjunction with other medications.

Homeopathy is based on the law of minimum dose. This means that we only need to give the body enough remedy to stimulate its own healing process.   We prescribe our remedies on the individual and unique symptoms that each person presents with in the clinic. This is what makes homeopathy truly holistic and individualized. There is no standard, one size fits all, dose. Ten people with the same ailment may end up with several different remedies.

As you are progressing in health, Homeopaths are taking note of what order your symptoms progress. We expect symptoms to disappear, according to a natural order of priority. This will indicate if you are progressing in a positive direction. We like to see the most recent symptoms and the most vital organs being balanced first. Once these are dealt with, it is a great sign of progression towards health to start seeing older symptoms return to be balanced once and for all.

Why is it not ideal to mix remedies into one dose?

Homeopathy has a holistic approach and we do our very best at getting the right remedy for each person. We consider the person as a whole and an individual and our focus is to support your health in every aspect while also enhancing balance. We want to see a natural progression to long lasting health that is gentle.

Each remedy has quite a different symptom picture. The combination remedies that you see on the shelves of health food stores are okay if you don’t have anything else on hand. The problem is that if it is a flu remedy for example it might have three different remedies that are indicated for flu.

We consider the person as a whole and an individual and our focus is to support your health in every aspect while also enhancing balance.

However, you may be more sensitive to one of those remedies than the other two. This will show as some of your symptoms improving but the more you take it there seems to be other symptoms worsening or developing. This may not be your flu symptoms changing. In fact, that one remedy in the combination that you are oversensitive to or do not need, is now beginning to cause symptoms to show up. These symptoms will stop when you stop the remedy that has been the culprit. For this reason single remedies are better rather than in combination.

I have experienced taking a combination remedy where I had the symptoms of Gelsemium exactly. The combo remedy had Gelsemium in it but was not doing anything. When I took Gelsemium separately it worked well. Go figure!

The third reason why I do not promote combination remedies is that they may be covering up deeper signs and symptoms of a more chronic condition. By getting rid of the surface symptoms, we fail to get to the root cause of why these symptoms are occurring in the first place. Combination teething remedies are a good example. Teething shouldn’t be a struggle for months on end or incredibly painful but sometimes the child needs extra support to help the teeth come through.

Without the support of a trained homeopath, you are likely not going to know what to do.


What remedies should every mama have in her at-home kit and why?

Homeopathic kits are fantastic. A small amount of education on the remedies and understanding when to take a dose then using homeopathy in the home is helpful and anyone can do it.

I often have mums messaging me about a distraught teething baby, or a child with a high fever and because they have my nursing kit at home I can quickly suggest a remedy that is fitting to support the baby’s natural defenses and baby and mother can both get some relief.

The biggest homeopathy misconception?

That’s because there are only minute amounts of the original substance left in the remedy that it doesn’t work.   We are the original nanomedicine.

200 million people worldwide use homeopathy with fantastic results.  Otherwise, why would they continue to use it? In India, it is used alongside and with the same respect as conventional medicine. Homeopathy is even included in the national health system in countries such as Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Royal family are well-known advocates of homeopathy.

200 million people worldwide use homeopathy with fantastic results.  Otherwise, why would they continue to use it?

Another misconception is that homeopathy is similar to naturopathy. Naturopaths use the physical constituents of plants and minerals to help the tissues and organs function in balance. Homeopaths use minute doses of material from plants, animals, and minerals to support a healing response from the bodies own immune system to effect change on all levels – mental, emotional and physical.

If someone can’t see you in the clinic, do you do Skype consults?

Yes, skype consults are fine.

Find out more about Lee-Anne, the Healing Haven and homeopathic treatments and remedies at Follow the Healing Haven at

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