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The ABC of Holistic Healthcare with Dr Shiva Lalezar

May 2, 2011
holistic healthcare

As more Westerners begin to embrace the life-enhancing benefits of natural therapies, understanding what treatment works best for what condition can cause a headache itself.

Holistic healthcare treats the whole person to identify the cause of each symptom, from skin rashes to Chronic Fatigue. As each body is different, treatments are tailored to the individual— to not only cure dis-eases but also help people maintain optimal health.

Many who deal with fatigue, for example, may overcome it with controlled doses of Vitamin C, a common vitamin which has a profound positive effect on immune cells and is specifically anti viral when given intravenously, says Dr Shiva Lalezar, from the The Health and Vitality Center.

It helps patients live a vibrant life filled with energy, stamina and mental clarity through diverse natural treatments including infusion therapies, she says.

Holistic Healthcare in Action

“A 24-year female was presented to my clinic with worsening fatigue in the past six months. She also had enlargement of one lymph node in her neck which was biopsied and found to be non-cancerous. All her blood work was also normal.  She was however feeling worse each day and had quit working out and was dragging herself at work. She could not get out of bed in the morning and this was affecting her work.”

Dr Lalezar said she did a series of blood work and found two viruses to be extremely high (Epstein Bar Virus and Cytomegalovirus).

She also had high Candida antibodies and a low Vitamin D level. I placed her on high dose Vitamin C intravenously once a week and gave her Ribose powder, the monosaccharide sugar backbone for RNA and DNA, (omega) oils, probiotic and placed her on a Candida-free diet.

The doctor says within three weeks the patient’s energy level went from 50 percent to 80 percent and has been able to work out and function better at work.

I asked Dr Lelezar for further insight into holistic healthcare…

What is one natural therapy everyone should know about?

High dose Vitamin C because Vitamin C boosts up the immune system, fights against bacteria, viruses, and cancer. Vitamin C can be taken orally in the form of buffered Vitamin C up to 10,000mg per day. Oral Vitamin C however can be hard on the stomach and may cause diarrhea. Patients who need high doses of Vitamin C (10,000-75,000 mg) can be given IV infusion. They see immediate improvement in their health.

Explain allergies and how they can be best treated?

There are different forms of allergies. An IgE mediated allergy causes hives, swelling, throat tightening, and shortness of breath. This is seen with bee sting, certain medications, and highly allergenic foods such as shrimp, peanuts, strawberries, and Shellfish. Allergies of this nature can be quick in onset and cause anaphylaxis and death.

Another type of allergy is IgG or IgA mediated and they are more insidious and less obvious. Patients may not be aware that their daily symptoms are due to an allergic reaction or food sensitivity. Milk, wheat, soy, eggs, beef, and citrus fruits are the most common food allergens.

Patients may experience vague symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, brain fog, irritability, mood fluctuations, dark circles under the eyes, inability to lose weight or gain weight, and many more! Allergies are best treated with elimination of the food, and strengthening the immune system with (omega) oils, Probiotic and Vitamin C. Antidote drops are also very powerful in treatment of allergies.

For someone who has only known the Western way of medicine, can you explain holistic healthcare?

Holistic care is combining the best of conventional medicine along with natural and nutritional medicine, and tailoring an individualized treatment plan. A holistic medical doctor is well aware of the benefits and side effects of medications and can use alternative medicine to treat a patient and gradually wean them off medications in a safe manner.

A holistic approach is to investigate the causes of the disease and encourage lifestyle modifications to treat and prevent disease. Orthomolecular medicine is a field that uses diet and vitamins to open up healthy pathways in the body and optimize functions of organs. Holistic treatment approaches are highly individualized for the unique needs of each patient.

How connected is the food we eat to the way we think, move, react?

We are what we eat. The food we eat directly affects our way of thinking, actions, and behavior. A diet high in sugar causes mood disturbance, fatigue, memory impairment, brain fog, and muscle spasm to name a few. If we don’t expect an alcoholic to behave normal, why do we expect a sugar addict to do so?

What ailments would people would be surprised to know can be reversed?

Many ailments can be reversed if they are properly diagnosed and the causes are investigated and eliminated. Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, Hypertension, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Menopause and Andropausal symptoms, attention deficit disorder, depression, and anxiety can all be reversed with proper diet, nutrients, detoxification, Vitamin infusion therapy and lifestyle changes.

What factors do you believe are contributing to the explosion of cancer cases?

Poor diet, nutrient deficient soil, pesticides, chemicals, fumes, plastic, and toxins are contributing greatly to the explosion of cancer cases. Today one in every seven women is diagnosed with breast cancer. By 2010, 50% of the population will be diagnosed with one form of cancer.

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