Orchard St Juice Cleanse Review

October 25, 2015

As a veteran of detoxes I jumped at the chance to try Orchard St.’s new cleanses.

Pure, the low fructose and anti-candida cleanse for “sensitive tummies”, was the obvious choice to cater for my wheat and lactose intolerance.

Although I chose the one-day cleanse, I eased into the experience over a week with pre and post cleanse information and the care package from Orchard St – Energy botanical tea and Epsom salts, delivered to my door in a beautiful hessian bag.

My day’s nutrition comprised the six beverages, numbered to ensure I didn’t get too confused as I fought off caffeine withdrawals.

While the instructions included a list of “snackettes”, I was determined to give my digestive system a well-earned holiday and stick to the “liquid nourishment”.

Green Ganesh, the morning smoothie which included avocado, and delicious evening Cashew Chai made with cashew nut milk, sustained my energy through a hectic day and evening, and over the next few days I felt the effects of clarity and improved digestion.

Orchard St. founder Kirsten Shanks has a background in digestive health and detoxification, so it was no surprise the combination was perfectly balanced and satisfying.

The probiotic turmeric kefir tonic, beverage #2, is designed to support the cleanse experience by enhancing your gut health.

Overall, I found the process balancing and rejuvenating. It’s not a quick fix but rather, in Kirsten’s words, “a stepping stone into better health”.


What it is:

Orchard St. offers three varieties of organic juice cleanses: The Signature Cleanse: Full body Cleanse; The Green Cleanse: The Ultimate Alkalising Cleanse; and The Pure Cleanse.

How much:

$85 for one day, $255 for three days or $425 for five days.

For more info on Orchard St. their products and prices, check out their website:

Kirsten Shanks, qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath and Herbalist, explains the process and who should and shouldn’t try this at home.

How do the cleanses work?

The method behind cleansing is actually incredibly simple: a one, three or five-day program that floods the body with easily absorbable plant nutrients whilst simultaneously allowing the digestive system to rest. The result is a natural, gentle and plant based opportunity to cleanse and replenish.

Orchard St. founder Kirsten Shanks has a background in digestive health and detoxification, so it was no surprise the combination was perfectly balanced and satisfying.

Who are they aimed at?

Anyone seeking a natural, gentle opportunity to cleanse and replenish. Our customers range from yogis to bankers to construction workers! Some want to let go of their indulgences, others have been meaning to shift a habit for a while and seek way to get back on track, some have a big event coming up and want a radiant glow. We have many regular customers who undergo a monthly cleanse as a way to mindfully maintain their health.

Should people consult a health professional before doing it – are there any risks?

For someone in good health, it’s not necessary to have medical permission before undertaking a juice cleanse, however our juice cleanses are exclusively raw, unpasteurised, plant-based and low in calories, so there are some situations in which you would want to avoid a cleanse:

  • If you are underweight
  • If you have cancer
  • If you have any eating disorder
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you have advanced kidney or liver disease
  • If you have a nutritional deficiency
  • If you have blood sugar imbalance, including diabetes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • If you are under 16yrs of age
  • If you are on prescription medications
  • If you have a medical condition
  • If your doctor advises you not to


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