Superfoods from Japan + Recipes

August 26, 2016

Superfoods. Just when you thought they only extended to goji berries and maca, author and passionate foodie Yoshiko Takeuchi brings you a delicious host of densely nutrient Japanese foods that well deserve the super title.

Including recipes based on ancient Japanese superfoods in traditional style, as well as ideas on how to create dishes incorporating amazake, azuki, daikon, green tea and seaweed, helping culinary crusaders create better versions of dishes such as risotto, pasta and cakes.

“I really want to pass on the enjoyment and benefits of Japanese superfoods to as many as people possible because I feel strongly that this important information that can help everybody. It is now time to learn from ancient wisdom and incorporate real Japanese superfoods!”

Japanese food has long been revered as a source of health and vitality, with superfoods such as matcha tea, miso and edamame often taking centre stage. However, the cuisine offers up a vegetable based traditional cuisine that is world-renowned for being both tasty and wholesome—and super. Yoshiko takes us on a journey through ancient Japan, with nutrient-rich dishes that are easy to make. Focusing on ancient wisdom of Japanese superfoods and  their benefits, fusion cuisine and simple ways to prepare these different forms of superfoods, it’s a recipe book to take you from family nights around the dinner table and beyond.

Born and raised in Japan, Yoshiko began studying the subtle art of cooking as a university student in Western Japan. Her book, Japanese Superfoods, is available now from New Holland Publishers. $29.99RRP.

Recipes with Japanese Superfoods

Yoshiko has graciously shared three comforting recipes that will have you coming back for more. Click on the images below for the printable version.


Green Tea Smoothie Bowl - Japanese Superfoods

Creamy Kale Soup - Japanese Superfoods

Natto Spread - Japanese Superfoods

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