Stuart Brazell & Her Eco Beauty Life

Have you ever wondered what those in the know are using in their regular beauty and wellness routines—from the beach to the red carpet?

stuart brazell

Stuart Brazell and Jeremy Piven

I certainly have, so asked my very talented friend, Hollywood host, red carpet insider, blogger extraordinaire and mama-to-be Stuart Brazell, to share some of her tried and true eco beauty secrets.

Stuart is a big fan of holistic beauty and healthy living so was more than happy to give Eco Beauty Editor readers and inside glimpse into her busy—and very glamorous, yet down-to-earth—life.

Find out what Stuart Brazell’s natural beauty must haves are, below…

A Day at the Beach

When I’m at the beach my main concern is protecting myself against the sun. I have pretty fair skin and as we all know fun in the sun speeds up the aging process. My new favourite product is called Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 by Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care. I’m all about products that can do more than one thing, hey we are all multi-tasking right? I use this as my makeup primer, moisturiser and facial sunscreen. And it doesn’t make me look greasy — hey we got be ready for those snaps right?

stuart brazell

stuart brazell

Yoga Class

The one thing I always bring with me to yoga (besides my mat) is Harmless Harvest coconut water. It is seriously the closest thing you can get to a fresh coconut! I’m a big fan of hot yoga classes, so it is important to stay super hydrated. This water is SO delicious because it is made from Nam Hom coconuts, which are considered the tastiest the world. Plus I really appreciate how this company works fairly with the Thai farmers.

stuart brazell

stuart brazell

On the Red Carpet

When I’m working the red carpet it is fun! However, red carpets can actually be an extremely unglamorous place. Most of the time I find myself standing long periods of time in heels, tight dresses, crammed into a small area with a lot of other people. Recently in Maine I discovered Clear Mind Tension Remedy by H. Gillerman Organics. This essential oil helps me fight mental fatigue and stayed focused and relaxed in an exciting yet stressful situation. Plus I love the smell of peppermint!

stuart brazell


stuart brazell

A Night Out

A night out for me is all about the eyes! So many times for work I have to do my makeup a certain way, so it if fun to get ready for a night on the town on my time! A red lip always works for a Saturday and I’m a big fan of Gabriel Gluten-Free and Organic Cosmetics. I throw on a nude eye and their Passion Flower lipstick and I’m ready for wherever the night takes me!

Stuart Brazell


stuart brazell

In Front of the Camera

When I’m in front of the camera, I smile a lot! Hey, it’s part of the job! I’m always very aware of my teeth, so I have a ritual where I brush my teeth right before I start filming for that extra added confidence! I use Hello supermint toothpaste and I’m ready to shoot!

stuart brazell

stuart brazell

Long Haul Flight

Long haul flights make my skin SO dehydrated!!! I love Frownies Rose Water Hydrator to keep my skin fresh and toned. I spray it on whenever I’m feeling parched to plump and soothe the skin. It also keeps my wrinkles in check, which have a tendency to come out full force mid air! And I love the smell – sometimes I feel like I’m having my own private aromatherapy party at 36,000 feet!

stuart brazell









stuart brazell

Want to find out more about Stuart Brazell? You can catch her creating and starring in content for some of the most prominent brands, across all platforms around the globe. She is a freelance entertainment reporter for shows such as The Insider on CBS, KTLA and E! True Hollywood Story, hosting and producing Drinking with the Stars and Studio Wrap for and on her website

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