Rainbeau Mars & Her 7 Eco Essentials

August 11, 2011
rainbeau mars

Raised by a family of natural healers, Rainbeau Mars (yes, that’s her real name) was born under a double rainbow in a teepee in the Ozarks. She was raised in Boulder, Colorado in the heart — and at the forefront — of the health and natural foods industry, by author and master herbalist mother Brigitte Mars and Uni-Tea founder father, Tom Pfeiffer.

She spent her teenage years in Hawaii with her Ayurvedic/yoga doctors and chiropractor Godparents, Dr. Light & Dr. Bryan Miller. Her holistic upbringing led her to an intense apprenticeship with yoga gurus Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.

Now known widely as a health and beauty goddess, fitness expert, master yogini, all around holistic queen, she is CEO of Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles (an omni media company dedicated to serving the planet), founder and owner of Yoga for Beauty as well as the ra’yoKa fitness and teacher training system, Spokesperson for Nutiva, clothing designer, author, mother and creator of numerous yoga DVDs and highly sought after yoga instructor in Hollywood.

Rainbeau, also referred to as “the supermodel of yoga”, has taken her yoga philosophy all over the world, participating in celebrated yoga events in more than 20 countries and facilitating classes of up to 3,500 people to help bring yoga to the mainstream. It has been her infusion of modern day living with thousand-year-old roots that has allowed her to connect and resonate with cultures around the globe.

What is in the way… IS THE WAY.

Since 2003, she has released more than seven yoga DVDs that have sold almost 2 million copies worldwide, including Yoga for Beauty and Beauty by Nature. She’s also about to release her new book 28 Days to Your Hollywood Glow.

I was curious to know what eco beauty essentials this holistic entrepreneur can’t do without, so I asked Rainbeau to spill the contents of her purse and give us a sneak peak at her every day essentials…


1. A pouch of Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds

They are great: curb hunger, give me boost of energy and feed my soul. Chia is a superfood that has the perfect blend of Omega 3/6 essential fatty acids. They are high in protein and to prepare you simply add water: great sweet or savory.

2.  Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I carry a mini jar of coconut oil to moisturize elbows, skin, lips and tips of the hair, if needed. Love its natural scent and the fact that it is so versatile: great for preparing delicious food and it also makes the best moisturizer. It’s rich but also light since it is all-natural.

3. Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss

I always carry this around, and yes, I think loving the lips is very important.

4. Nettles

If I could carry them around with me, I would. These are my favorite beauty plants. I have recently started brushing my face with them gently; it seems to give my skin a new life. I also will place them where I ache and drinking it is incredible for the kidneys and skin.

5. Healthforce Naturals Vitamineral Green

If I had to take one pill daily other then enzymes for food that has been cooked – it would be this pill: is pretty amazing. It offers nutrients, greens and just about all my favorite herbs. Taking them can truly make a daily difference in life and I absolutely love them.

6. Cacao

Yes, a raw chocolate bar.

7. Goji Berries

Filled with antioxidants.

Life... is bliss the way

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