Postnatal Doula Jojo Hogan: First 40 Days with Baby

Have you ever considered hiring a postnatal doula? The following interview with postnatal doula Jojo Hogan will give you a deep insight into why this could be one of the best decisions to make, post pregnancy. Learn how to use essential oils SAFELY and for most benefit Essential oils are potent and offer most benefit when used correctly. Did you know? Each oil possesses particular chemical make-up and the application is often specific to the particular oil. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to best use an oil to suit your particular situation. Learn how to use pure essential oils safely, and for most benefit by subscribing to my essential oils education newsletter at left.Your privacy is respected, always. I learned a lot from my first pregnancy. Top of my list during my second pregnancy was self-care, minimising stress and rallying a team around me to bring incredible gifts and knowledge to the pregnancy, birth and postnatal table. In my search for finding a spa for pregnancy massage, my osteopath recommended┬áBella Mama Pregnancy Spa and Wellness Centre. And so, I took my bump to Auckland’s North Shore and had one of the most divine massages I’ve ever had. Blissed out, … Continue reading Postnatal Doula Jojo Hogan: First 40 Days with Baby