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Matilda Rice & Her Eco Beauty Life

June 4, 2018
matilda rice

Matilda Rice is the girl next door you just can’t help but like and want to hang out with.

The former The Bachelor star turned-entrepreneur, social media Goddess and best-selling author, is the epitome of healthy living and natural beauty. Yet, she achieves both with grace and good humour; not a shred of obsession.

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Perhaps it’s Matilda’s realness that transcends the typical social media star. Not afraid to poke fun at herself, it’s her ability to show the world how comfortable she is in her own skin that makes the Kiwi beauty a true role model—someone who promotes a life of balance over strict lifestyle rules.

Matilda and Art Plate Up

Matilda Rice isn’t someone to rest on her laurels, either. With her fiancé Art Green, she recently launched a joint venture,, a chef-prepared wholefood delivery service, a go-to for those who love to eat real food, but have little time to get into the kitchen themselves.

“From work, to socialising, to fitting in that run or gym session, life is bloody busy. You get home at the end of the day and think of dinner as just another chore,” she says.

Despite her own hectic schedule, Matilda says she prioritises looking after herself with the food she eats and the beauty products she wears.

I wanted to get a sneak-peek into her day-to-day, so asked Matilda to share some of her non-negotiable go-tos…  

matilda rice

What is the Matilda Rice take on eco beauty?

I think someone who is unapologetically themselves and comfortable in their own skin is what true beauty is.

When did you start caring about holistic wellbeing and beauty?

Probably about seven years ago when I lived in London. I started experimenting with a healthy diet, then after many ups and downs in the coming years I figured out the right balance about four years ago.

I realised that being healthy wasn’t just about eating salad 24/7, it was also about being comfortable in my own skin, looking after my body, and treating it with the care it deserves – that includes the products I use. Sometimes we can get so caught up in a natural/wholefood diet that we forget about the products we use on our body – JUST as important!

What are your top natural beauty and wellness essentials?

Trilogy Rosehip Face Oil Light Blend. Anyone that uses this product probably agrees with me that it’s LUSH! It doesn’t make your skin too shiny and oily, but adds life and glow without moisturiser.

matilda rice

Snowberry Gentle Cleanser and Toner. I’ve been using this for years now, and I love it. It’s really gentle (the name gives it away) and helps keep break outs at bay. Plus the owners are the loveliest people ever!

matilda rice

Drinking heaps of water. It sounds like a no brainer as this is shoved down our throats so much, but it seriously does wonders for your overall health, and the functionality of your body. I read somewhere that 2% hydration in a human can lead to a 20% decrease in performance. Pretty amazing.  I try and knock back at least two litres a day, and I carry my water bottle with me everywhere!

matilda rice

Eat well, but DON’T count calories! In my experience, counting calories messes with your relationship with food. If you eat unprocessed whole foods with lots of good fats, I guarantee you will look amazing.

Yoga or pilates. I try and do some form of exercise every day (doesn’t always happen, but I try!), and one of my favourite things to do is yoga or pilates. I do yoga when I’m feeling a bit anxious or stressed and want to relax—I prefer restorative yoga which is very “breathy”—or pilates when I feel like a bit more of a muscle workout. They both do amazing things for your body and your mind.

matilda rice

This is a bit of a weird one, but use all natural soap instead of body wash. A lot of body wash is full of chemicals and comes in plastic packaging. So give the environment a wee break with a soap box!

matilda rice

What do you take with you when you’re…

On a long haul flight

I always envy those people that can pull off “airport chic”. I’m usually in full comfort mode in trackies. I make sure I bring with me Weleda Skin Food on the plane though. It stops your skin drying out too much.

matilda rice

matilda rice

At the beach

I love to bring all of the beach items – towel, sunscreen, book, sunnies, boogie board, vortex mega howler.

matilda rice

matilda rice

At an event or red carpet appearance

I hate having a big bag, so I might bring lipstick in case I have to reapply, but that’s about it! My favourite natural lippy is Peony Petal by Karen Murell, it’s nice and natural both in colour and ingredients!

matilda rice

matilda rice

Having a night out with friends

Literally just ID and eftpos card. As above, I hate carrying too much stuff ha. I loveeee perfume, so was so disappointed when I heard how many chemicals can go in to your average bottle, so I use a little bit rose oil on my neck before I head out instead of harsh perfumes.

matilda rice

matilda rice

At a book signing

A good pen that won’t smudge! A bottle of water, and maybe a packet of cashews as a snack (who doesn’t love a good cashew!).

matilda rice

Visit Matilda’s website here. Follow her on Instagram here.