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Ingredients for Success: JOSH ROSEBROOK

April 26, 2011

Josh Rosebrook and his all-natural, organic beauty line is not only a healthy approach to skincare, but are also amongst the growing number of authentically natural products making an impact on a market dominated by brands made with chemical ingredients.

While his products aren’t yet widely distributed, they’re gaining an enthusiastic following in Hollywood and beyond.

I recently tried the Enzyme Exfoliator from his collection and instantly fell in love with not only its purity and texture, but also the results.

So, just what was it that ignited Josh’s passion for eco beauty? I wanted to find out, so caught up with the popular LA-based hair stylist for a chat…

How did your beauty journey begin?

I was fascinated with taking care of my skin since I was about 18. I loved the fact that if I did a  few things every day, over time, I would always look younger. I began reading the ingredients on the skin care products, researching and testing them on myself. I was always finding ingredients and products that I thought were working and researching to understand why. I have always been fascinated with plants and herbs. It is so amazing to me that these botanical extracts and essential oils contain such mind blowing properties for health and anti aging.  All the bases are covered in nature and it is absolutely complete with the highest forms of all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, proteins and nutrients.

Our bodies are natural, so I believe everything necessary to keep them vital, healthy and youthful remains in nature. I believe that the conventional, chemical based synthetic cosmetics industry are only trying to mimic that which is in nature in a cheap, quick and now proven dangerous way.

Basically, with all my knowledge of health, skin care and nutrition, I would seek products in the stores that I couldn’t find. I realized there was not any really great organic and completely chemical/synthetic free exfoliators out there. It was very disappointing. I would mix my own oils and experiment with different types of granules to exfoliate my skin pure and natural.  Most exfoliators have too few or not the right size granules and are mostly a cleanser, which cheapens the product. I wanted an anti aging treatment exfoliator.

After a lot of testing, I found I was creating great products on my own. I would mix organic raw cacao powder with essential oils to create an antioxidant mask that completely changed the tone and texture of my skin. My friends noticed and asked for some. I gave them all samples and they came back begging for more and trying to get more for their friends who noticed how amazing their skin looked. I found myself overwhelmed with the response from my friends who noticed minimized pores and reduced fine lines from my Cacao Mask. This process inspired me to have these products manufactured by a top-of-the-line organic chemist.

You’ve worked with some major beauty companies over the years, what did you learn from that time?

I’ve learned from working with major beauty companies over the years that there is very little integrity in their companies and products. It’s about selling something over on consumers to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. There is nothing wrong with making money, it’s the greed and the lies about the products that makes everyone and everything suffer. There is very little accountability and truth running the company, the way the people working for the company are treated and then trickling down into the quality of the product. I’ve found most companies only care about the bottom line. It’s very sad. People, the planet and the animals suffer and ultimately die because of it.

Chemical free, plant based, organic skin care is not just an alternative to chemical laden products, I believe it’s the only way to truly experience anti-aging and true health of the skin.

What people don’t realize is that greed creates a mechanism that only feeds off of itself and continues to perpetuate deeper and deeper angles of greed. This ends up killing life and destroying the world. These greedy corporations don’t realize that if they were honest and took care of people and were conscious of all relations within the company, ultimately, they would make just as much money, and most likely more. That is what I believe.

A lot of companies would rather under pay, under appreciate an employee and try to squeeze the most out of them for as long as they can, than treat them right, pay them fairly and appreciate them and have a long term happy, healthy employee that would radiate the into the quality of the product and the brand.  This to me is poor business and ethics and it’s just not right. When a product is created and corners are not cut, quality is never compromised, standards are at the highest level and the intention is the best possible result at any cost, you have then created a product that needs to be on the shelves.

Why was it so important to create a cruelty-free brand?

Nothing is more important to me than the health and happiness of people, the planet and animals. Ultimately, If you don’t  have that, you don’t have anything I believe. The only way this planet will survive is through the shift in our consciousness that honors all living beings and the planet above all else. When that is practiced, sustainability is automatically there and it’s an effect of living in a world as One.  The only way humanity will survive is through shifting to sustainability. What people also haven’t fully realized is that chemical free, plant based, organic skin care is not just an alternative to chemical laden products, I believe it’s the only way to truly experience anti aging and true health of the skin.

I believe you shouldn’t put anything on your skin unless you can eat it, what are your thoughts on that?

I completely agree. The skin actually has less defense against toxins than when you ingest them. This is because a lot of the time the digestive system can break things down and the skin cannot. What goes on the skin goes straight into the bloodstream. It is all the same. Would you eat a diet of chemical, synthetically created food with petrochemical preservatives and think that you will thrive and stay youthful? No, same thing goes for your skin.

The power of pure, completely natural skin care cannot be matched by chemically derived and processed ingredients and you should be able to safely eat everything you put on your skin, and in that, it will be the best thing for your skin and keeping it vital, glowing, tight and smooth.

The synthetic chemical ingredients currently being used in most lines is absolutely horrifying. Sulfates, petro chemicals, parabens, phalates, 1,4 dioxane, TEAs, artificial fragrance etc. They are extremely harmful. I believe they are causing countless health related problems and cancer. People are not educated and  have no idea how dangerous these foul cheap chemicals are destroying their health, their nervous, brain and respiratory systems. We could be seriously damaging our DNA. It’s very scary, but we have power as consumers to make choices. We have so much power when we choose to deny certain products and choose other ones, other companies. We must do this now.

josh rosebrook

Your products, such as the exfoliator, really do smell good enough to eat. Can you talk me through the ingredients?

My Enzyme Exfoliator is to the most powerful anti-aging exfoliator treatment on the market today. There are several reasons why it is so exceptionally effective. First, the perfectly sized walnut granules combined with the perfect amount of them in the product work to slough off dead skin cells to reveal fresh young new skin. Exfoliation happens on a second level in my product while the enzymes (small proteins that break down dead skin cells and promote new cell growth) reveal fresh, bright new skin, papaya enzyme and herbal infusions work to do this.

The base of my exfoliator is honey. Honey is packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It works as an antibacterial also. Very powerful healing ingredient. There are more botanical extracts in my products than I have yet to find in any other line. Botanical herbal extracts and infusions are where you get all your anti aging antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, all the things that nourish, hydrate, detoxify and help the skin remain youthful.

My exfoliator contains sage and neem for detoxification and to balance oil production. Yucca and coneflower are anti bacterial and work deeply as anti inflammatory agents. Chickweed, fennel, stevia and slippery elm are extremely powerful in tightening, regenerating, softening and increasing elasticity and hydration.

The power of pure, completely natural skin care cannot be matched by chemically derived and processed ingredients and you should be able to safely eat everything you put on your skin, and in that, it will be the best thing for your skin and keeping it vital, glowing, tight and smooth.

Eyebright is absolutely magnificent in skin care bringing massive anti oxidants, A, D, E vitamins, eyebright works to tone and smooth the complexion to give a bright glow. Hawthorne berry and marshmallow root protect the cell and prevent hyper pigmentation.

Together, all of these ingredients plus many more infused botanical extracts in my products cover a vast array of benefits for the skin. At the end of the day, my method is to detoxify, nourish, skin, hydrate, and protect the skin. All of this being achieved through many ingredients together. I do not follow a singular miracle ingredient approach to skin care that relates to the latest trends. Great skin is about a lifestyle where you practice health of the skin and prevent damage by a healthy routine and well crafted natural products Combined with a diet rich in plants, low stress and some exercise, beautiful, balanced skin will prevail.

You do believe the use of toxic beauty has contributed to the rise in dis-eases?

Absolutely. Without a doubt in my mind. I believe it in my heart and tests and research have already begun to show this as a fact. We have to realize that the people creating these toxic products don’t really care about you and your children’s health. Parabens have shown up in UK studies unchanged from their original form in women’s breast cancer tumors. A doctor from the university of identified abnormalities in male infants that directly correlated to the level of phthalates found in their mothers. Sulfates and parabens mimic estrogen. It is a proven fact that estrogen causes cancer. It is messing with our reproductive systems. This is not okay!

Artificial fragrances are secret killers. Under the ingredient listing of fragrance that seems so innocuous, are up to a hundred different chemicals creating that toxic mixture. Fragrance can contain neurotoxins and is among the top five allergens ever. Fragrance can hold phalates and 1, 4 dioxane. The chemical 1, 4 dioxane is a contaminant produced during manufacturing.

Research shows 1, 4 dioxane easily penetrates the skin. It’s common in sulfates, anything ending in oleth exynol or in ceteareth. It is a carcinogen and is linked to birth defects, kidney, neuro and respiratory toxicity. This is all very sad and the most susceptible to all these dangerous ingredients are the fetus and children. We have to question everything.

Do you have any celebrity followers?

I have a lot of young Hollywood actors and actress clients who love my products and swear by them. It’s wonderful to have people get so excited by the results of my line. They truly notice the difference it makes in their skin. I’ve found most people are not used to getting visible results from their skin care investments. So this is amazing! I also know that Tori Spelling has my product. Hopefully she loves it!

What are your plans for the brand?

To share it with people and use it as a vehicle to spread awareness about how vitally important it is to make sustainable choices everyday in all aspects of our lives. We have the power as consumers to choose what we believe is right for our health and the planet and we make that choice with all the things we buy. It’s a vote toward a way of life. We need to use our purchasing power to support businesses and products that have a holistic integrity.

I hope that my brand can bring awareness to people who are still very ignorant about how toxic and dangerous the conventional body care industry is. I would love for people to have the products they deserve that are truly healthy for them and to get what they pay for.

Where can readers buy Josh Rosebook products online?

My line is available at and It is also available at The Parlour on 3rd in Los Angeles. Soon to be available at other high end retail and spa locations. We ship anywhere.

Your favourite eco indulgence?

I think my favorite eco indulgence is probably gourmet vegan cuisine. I absolutely love really amazing vegan food that was prepared with the highest quality organic ingredients and a lot of love. I also love well designed clothes made from hemp or organic cotton. Most importantly I love indulging in organic and completely chemical-free skin care that has been free of all toxic and chemical processing.

josh rosebrook

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  • Annette @ Wellnesss WA
    April 26, 2011 at 7:25 am

    This looks fantastic! 🙂

    • Eco Beauty Editor
      April 26, 2011 at 7:50 am

      It really is Annette!

  • Bridgette Segraves
    April 28, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    Amazing products!!!

  • Jen P
    July 8, 2013 at 1:25 am

    These products are really amazing. They will leave your skin feeling so young, hydrated, and smooth! Josh makes the best products out there, in terms of ingredients and results.

    • Shannon
      July 19, 2013 at 12:46 pm

      I so agree Jen! I LOVE Josh’s products!

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