Christy Coleman, Celebrity Makeup Artist Secrets

June 25, 2015
christy coleman

Christy Coleman, a renowned fashion and celebrity makeup artist, has worked with some of the world’s most famous actresses, models, magazines and photographers.

Celebrated for her flawless and sophisticated artistry, she’s also known in the industry for “going green”. The first top makeup artist to switch to all-natural, earth friendly cosmetics, she says her desire is to show that going green can also be glamorous.

Why is natural, organic beauty so important?

For your health and the love of the planet. A few small changes in our approach to daily life can have a huge impact on the health of the planet as well as the health of ourselves and our loved ones.

What would people be most surprised to learn about traditional beauty products?

That a lot of these products are filled with chemicals that are known carcinogens as well as hormone disruptors.

How did you become so interested in spreading the word?

After having lost my father to ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, I knew I needed to make a difference. I loved beauty and decided it was time to bring awareness to brands that were removing ingredients known carcinogens or hormone disruptors.

The process took me nearly a year to find high performing natural and organic beauty products and makeup that met my standards.

Are the modelling and celebrity worlds embracing eco beauty?

I believe they are. I believe more and more everyday all people, whether it be the girl next door or a celebrity, are looking to take responsibility for their health and beauty.

The artist at work

The artist at work. Courtesy @christy_coleman

What are the trends you see coming up in eco beauty?

Lots of handmade facial products that must be refrigerated to keep out any preservatives, as well as food grade ingredients.

What are your top tips when it comes to seeking out authentic eco beauty?

Educate yourself. Do not rely on labels to keep you safe. I am a huge fan of The Environmental Working Group, as they have an incredible amount of data to check on your products.

Is there a company that is leading the way in the eco beauty market as far as you’re concerned?  

I am a huge fan of The Organic Pharmacy and Arcona, as well as RMS Beauty. These are three brands you should definitely get to know.

What are your favourite products and why do you like them?

I use Arcona Triad Pads the second I am done with work for a quick refresh. They purify and moisturise. I’m also a fan of Natracare Baby Wipes, as they are paraben, SLS, and alcohol free and have no synthetic ingredients.

I love these for cleansing my hands as well as removing makeup while on set. I also carry Dr. Schulze’s Air Detox, it’s great for disinfecting my makeup kit. It’s also great for hotel rooms, as they can be can be filled with unhealthy air and artificial scents.


Educate yourself. Do not rely on labels to keep you safe.

What can people expect when they visit the Christy Coleman blog?

My blog will introduce you to high-performance boutique lines and tell you what mainstream brands offer clean makeup and what products to look for. Every season I showcase my favourite runway makeup looks with step-by-step guides on how to recreate them with all natural makeup.

All the products I recommend on this site are model-tested, celebrity-tested brands that I use every day in my Green Makeup Kit.

Christy Coleman,

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