Amanda Rootsey and a Modern Girl’s Life

June 24, 2015

Former international model turned eco model (and contributor), Amanda Rootsey discovered the benefits of eco beauty after being diagnosed with cancer. It was then she replaced the toxins in her life with their natural equivalents, choosing a vegan diet and natural and organic beauty products. She now shares her journey on her blog, hoping to inspire others to follow a path that’s kinder to the environment and themselves.

Why should we be replacing traditional cosmetics with natural and organic products?

It’s so important to treat our bodies with love and respect, and our beauty regime should be a part of this. Our incredible bodies already know what to do —we didn’t come out of the womb needing to lather our bodies in chemicals— so the best thing we can do is help it out with products that are as natural and gentle as possible.

What would people be most surprised to learn about traditional chemical-based beauty products?

That the beauty industry isn’t regulated the way the food industry is. A beauty product can be a cocktail of toxic chemicals and, because the skin is the largest organ in the body, these chemicals are absorbed and reek havoc with our organs, hormones and other parts of the body.

How did you become so interested in spreading the word?

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer in the lymphatic system) in 2009 and this really made me take a look at the way I was treating my body. I went vegan straight away and made sure that all of my beauty products were as natural and organic as possible. I would hate another person to have to go through what I went through to learn that we do actually need to take care of our beautiful bodies.

Is the modelling world embracing eco beauty?

In general, I’d have to say no. But there are some companies that are really embracing it. Two that spring to mind are Peppermint mag and Sanctus Stones Motivational Jewellery—two companies that I’ve worked with recently and who happily ensured that all of the beauty and cosmetic products were eco-friendly and cruelty-free. There is a bit of a stigma in the industry that mineral makeup and anything eco-friendly is probably not as good in terms of colour pigment and overall look. In my experience this is definitely not the case.

You’re an eco model now. Does this mean you’ll only allow organic, natural products on your skin?

At home I exclusively use these products and most of my clients ensure that all products are organic and natural as well. I’m very lucky to be working with people that share similar values so it’s never a problem.


What are your top tips when it comes to seeking out authentic eco beauty?

Check the ingredients and look out for certification and industry standards. These companies know that more and more consumers are looking for eco-friendly and natural beauty products so they market them accordingly. Having a peek at the list of ingredients is a quick way to check out whether they are for real or not. If the list is miles long and full of ridiculously long names then it’s probably not very natural!

What are your favourite products and why do you like them?

I love Twenty8 products for my skin.  They are an Australian-made, chemical-free beauty and essential oil company and their products are heavenly!  I love the rituals that go along with them too, like the morning Body Boost ritual which includes a beautifully rich body oil, a couple of drops of an essential oil synergy blend (I love decided on which oil to use depending on how I feel that day, eg. Peace & Meditation or Focusu & Clarity) and a couple of sprays of magnesium spray.  It instantly lifts my morning as well as hydrating and stimulating the skin.
I also love Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Make Up range.  It’s professional quality so the pigments are strong, giving good coverage without using too much so it lasts for such a long time.
I also LOVE the eco sponge – a plant-based sponge that gently exfoliates and nourishes the skin.
You can buy all of these products at

What can people expect when they visit your blog?

A collection of all the things I love and am passionate about – eco-fashion, organic beauty, vegan food and simple living.

Amanda Rootsey,

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