Velettà: Luxe, Natural Skincare Launches

June 21, 2018

Velettà, a new luxe, natural skincare collection, has launched; formulated after founder Sarah Bacon became “frustrated with skincare products currently on the market”.

A former lawyer, Sarah says has always been skincare-obsessed, trying countless products, with none living up to their promises.

“As I’ve got older I’ve become increasingly concerned with what I’m actually putting on my skin,” she says. “I wanted to find products that contained only natural ingredients, but I also wanted them to deliver great results.”

The Velettà Cleansing Oil, Rejuvenating Oil, Nourishing Moisturiser and Purifying Mask were formulated as an at-home regimen to deliver results naturally — “no chemicals or unnecessary fillers”.

VelettàIt took the skincare entrepreneur two years from conception to launch. She says each vegan and Halal-certified product is “truly bespoke creation”, after she researched and tested the properties of natural ingredients and how they worked together. She says she would continually tweak each formulation until she was confident it was the “best it could be”.

Sarah then worked with a chemist to ensure her formulations could be replicated for commercial sale, and that they were as safe and efficacious as possible.

“As modern, multi-tasking women we don’t have much spare time and so skincare needs to really deliver, while also acting as a luxurious ritual. Every product in the Velettà range works overtime to help your skin look the best it can — hydrated, smooth, even-toned and glowing — without using any unnecessary fillers or chemicals. I’m over the moon with the results we’ve achieved.”


The Velettà Oils

The Velettà Cleansing Oil and Rejuvenating Oil penetrate the skin, delivering hydration and nutrients. Sarah says they work for all skin types, from teenage to ageing, and from dry to oily or sensitive.

“I carefully thought about what women in different countries, as well as New Zealanders, wanted from their skincare. Making the products vegan and Halal-certified seemed like an obvious move — it provides women with an extra level of certainty that the products they’re putting on their skin really are completely natural, and that they don’t compromise their beliefs in any way.”

Velettà is available to buy exclusively online here. Shipping is free to customers in Australia and New Zealand, and free to international customers with purchases of over $200.

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