Toss Out the Toxins: Natural Beauty Week (Oct 19—23)

October 19, 2015

Natural Beauty Week starts today (October 19 – 23).

Presented by the College of Natural Beauty, the week is a coming together of like-minded experts, bloggers and beauty enthusiasts who are passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of choosing natural skincare and cosmetics over those with health-disrupting chemicals.

The official website is a comprehensive guide to help you know where to start when making the switch, how to read labels more effectively, understand which ingredients to watch out for and ideas for skin-loving beauty foods.

Director Aesthetics Education for the College of Natural Beauty Heddy Macaulay said she was delighted to see so many beauty lovers around the world pledge to ‘switch to natural’ over the past few years along with the outpouring of support for the campaign from cosmetics companies and manufacturers.

Eco Beauty Editor will feature Two-Minute Tutorials from Natural Beauty Week ambassadors all week. First up is eco model and natural beauty expert, Amanda Rootsey and clairvoyant, healer and aromatherapy practitioner, Rachael White.

“The proof is in the numbers – we’ve seen 1200 beauty enthusiasts bin their products containing harmful chemicals and switch to brands with no nasties or roll up their sleeves and concoct their own products from scratch. On top of that we have a waiting list of cosmetics brands, bloggers and experts interested in partnering with us to support the campaign.”

“2015 will see us build on Natural Beauty Week by offering the public more free events, information sessions and webinars than ever before, along with sharing new research, competitions and discounts with our #switchtonatural family.”

“I want to encourage people to remember the enormous power they hold as consumers. If we collectively begin to demand more natural products, we will be heard and this will be reflected by the quality and range of eco-friendly beauty products available to us.”

Highlights of this year’s campaign include a free webinar panel discussion on the topic “Can the Beauty ideal ever be dispelled” with special guest Turia Pitt – a mining engineer, burns survivor and motivational speaker.

There will also be a public information session by ‘beauty chef’ Carla Oates about why beauty starts in the belly, and founder and CEO of Luk Beautifood, Cindy Luken, will present on the topic ‘Clean beauty: the story of colour’. College of Natural Beauty’s Heddy Macaulay will also discuss why the assumptions of magic in a bottle are dangerous in a separate session.

Eco-model and Natural Beauty Week ambassador Amanda Rootsey said the issue of harmful chemicals in beauty products was of huge concern.

“Today’s consumers are realising that what goes on the skin is equally important to the foods we choose to eat and they’re starting to ask the tough questions before deciding where to spend their dollars,” she said.

Visitors can pledge their interest to participate in this year’s campaign at

About College of Natural Beauty

The College of Natural Beauty has partnered with the beauty industry since its inception in 1992, earning its place as the sector’s leading Australian training institution. It has trained some of Australia’s leading beauty therapists who enjoy successful careers both at home and overseas. The College is known for integrating sustainable beauty practices into its business and teaching the future beauty industry leaders and practitioners about the merits of a natural approach to skincare and holistic beauty in a ‘low to no chemical’ learning environment.

The College of Natural Beauty offers a popular Diploma of Salon Management online course designed to help beauty therapists progress to supervisor or management level or those outside the industry wishing to become salon or spa owner operators. It also offers organic skin, nail and body care ranges through its student clinic and uses low chemical cleaning products.

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