Healing Prolapse: 100+ Affirmations for Your Journey Within

May 9, 2021
healing prolapse is possible

Healing prolapse. Is it possible? The answer lies completely with you. Do you believe it is possible? If you do, you have a powerful key to make profound changes in your life.

Doctors didn’t believe in my body’s ability to heal a very symptomatic stage two uterine prolapse.

I was told by the ER doctor it would need to be “stitched up at some point after you’ve finished having kids” and it was “normal” and there was “nothing I could do”. A holistic Mayan massage therapist told me I had a “particularly bad case” and it would never heal, rather I would have to wear a “Faja” (a special piece of material that ties around the lower abdomen) for the rest of my life.

I said, f#*k that.

I KNEW within my body could heal. At that moment of diagnosis, something within me took charge and said, no way, this is not what it will be for me. In the moments after that moment, I did everything I could to support my body to heal. I worked with my mind. I worked with my body and I worked with my soul. I never, ever gave up, even during the hard days. The spark stayed and I continued on with the journey for more than four years.

Now, I am fully healed and have been that way for about five years. When I healed, I vowed I would do whatever I could to help other women heal. One of the things I could do was share life-affirming, body-loving affirmations that helped me in my own healing journey.

So, after months of working on a book of affirmations, it’s here—more than 100 beautifully designed statements that can compliment your own unique healing journey. I hope the book brings you comfort and support during the good days and the bad, and that it forms a foundation for all of the wonderful discoveries you make as you take charge of your own health and wellbeing. You can find the ebook here 👇🌹 Paperback available soon.

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healing prolapse holistically
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