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Celebrating Australian Organic Awareness Month

September 2, 2015

I love September for a couple of reasons: one, it’s spring and two, Australian Organic Awareness Month gets into full swing.

Once upon a time, all foods were organic and beauty “products” were straight out of the kitchen pantry. But thanks to industrialisation, fast-paced living and wanting more for less, our food system has suffered. These days we need to be assured that what we’re buying or growing is free of pesticides, herbicides and other such nasties. We also need to know that what we’re putting on our skin isn’t going to cause dis-eases within the body.

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Australian Organic is giving consumers confidence when it comes to choosing food and beverages to cosmetics, textiles, gardening products and even pet food.

“We had a massive reaction to our campaign last year,” says Australian Organic’s Commercial General Manager, Joanne Barber. “We have chosen to hold the month-long campaign in September this year as it aligns with the US and UK celebrations of bringing awareness to ‘organic’.”

Australian Organic aims to highlight  the diversity of industries under the certified organic banner—and  instil confidence so Australians know when they see the ‘bud’ logo, they can trust the product.

“Being certified organic means that a product is cruelty free, non GM, pasture fed, socially responsible, sustainably fished, biodiversity friendly and of course grown free from harsh synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics,” says Barber.

Ambassadors include Australian household name, author of ‘Trim & Tone with Tania’, health and wellness mentor Tania Zaetta, McLeod’s Daughters actress Zoe Naylor, Hi 5’s Dayen Zheng, Vanessa Megan founder of Vanessa Megan beauty products, The Beauty Chef’s Carla Oates, The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter, Adele McConnell the voice of, Brenda Janschek from Brenda Janschek Health and Lifestyle, CEO and founder of Amazonia Dwayne Martens, Integrative & Preventative (GP) health expert at Sydney Integrative Medicine Dr Claudia Lee, health expert Dr Sarah Lantz and Chiropractor and CEO of Healthspace Dr Kate Wood.


Last years’ campaign helped foster a significant increase in consumer research into the certified organic market and an increase sales at a retail level.

“Our clients have told us that during and post the campaign last year, they had more customers than ever interested in certified organic products. We are thrilled, as it means our great team, together with ambassadors, are doing a fantastic job in spreading the message on our bud logo!”

Australian Organic Awareness Month this year will include in-store promotions with retailers across the country inviting shoppers to enter various competitions to win Australian Organic packs.

Being certified organic means that a product is cruelty free, non GM, pasture fed, socially responsible, sustainably fished, biodiversity friendly and of course grown free from harsh synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics

“We have more partners involved this year and aim to showcase an even wider range of our clients’ certified organic brands. It is such a great opportunity for our local, home grown certified organic client’s to get a platform to promote their products,” says Barber. “We’re always excited by the level of involvement from our goodwill ambassadors who collaborate with Australian Organic to bring awareness about sustainable farming, food and fibre production systems.”


Australian Organic Awareness Month ambassador, Therese Kerr. Watch Therese’s video below in which she talks about the importance of buying certified organic.


This year Australian Organic will be giving away a five night escape to the exclusive Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, in the Hinterland of Queensland’s Gold Coast. This resort, which is part-owned by Hugh Jackman, has partnered with Australian Organic to help celebrate Australian Organic Awareness Month.

Australian Organic Awareness Month will run from the 1st to the 30th September 2015.

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