#LOVELIST: Edible Beauty, Natural Wood Watches + More

June 27, 2015

From beauty and fashion to good-for-you food, here’s my latest #lovelist. Got something natural and organic that you’re loving right now? Please share in the comments!

Edible Beauty Belle Frais Cleansing Milk from The Beauty Apothecary, 200ml $43

Edible beauty says it all. This is a luxury skincare product you could actually eat, thanks to all-natural ingredients that are good for the skin without compromising health. This is a cleanser that’s gentle to keep the skin’s moisture balance in tact, but also does a superb job of removing the nasties (make-up, environmental toxins, excess cell built-up). Apple extract reduces pigmentation and fine lines appearance, while strawberry fruit enzymes help to restore the skin’s natural glow. Australian Wattle Seed supports skin elasticity and refines pores.




Ely Wood Watch from Jord, from $129

I haven’t worn a watch in years—until Jord. Bold enough to make a statement, yet light enough to wear day and night (it’s super comfy), it has also broken the habit of checking my phone so often in search of the time. Made from sustainable wood, there are plenty of styles to suit just about any fashion taste. There are also some great choices for men. My pick is the Ely in natural green and maple (below). Prices start at only $120.



Beauty Food from Clean and Lean, $69.95

I’m a big believer in getting nutrients from the food we eat. But with the daily rush being all too real, it can be tempting to fire up the toaster to fill the gap. It’s times like these when wholefood supplements are indispensable. Clean and Lean’s Beauty Food is nutrition focussed, but is also formulated to help bring back life into tired, ageing skin. Its hero ingredient is marine collagen peptides. Sounds fancy, but what does it do? It’s a fibrous protein that’s said to help with the “deep repair” of damaged skin, promoting elasticity for a “firm, radiant complexion”. Other good reasons to make this your blender buddy: it’s packed with spinach, broccoli, barley grass, MSM (great for hair, skin, nails), aloe vera, beta-glucan (helps control sugar cravings) and a natural prebiotic that helps friendly flora flourish (hello healthy gut).



Mia from The Market Basket Co, $49

Enough with the plastic already. Grocery shopping can be chic and doesn’t have to choke the planet. While visiting France, Lindy McLeod noticed women in the streets of Paris toting fashionable bags and baskets to carry their produce—fruits, breads and cheeses. A seed was planted. Upon returning home to Australia, she began using a woven bag as she ran her daily errands. Ten years later and Lindy is now the CEO of The Market Basket Co, a company that produces environmentally-friendly, Moroccan-made baskets that are woven with natural palm fibre. As a special offer for Eco Beauty Editor readers, Lindy is offering you a 10% discount on her entire range for the month of July. Simply enter PFJULY at checkout.



MIA Marrakech

Rosemary and Sea Salt Kale Chips from Roar, $6.95

I’ve eaten a few kale chips in my time, but never any quite this tasty (even my own, I’ll admit). The talented raw food aficianados at Roar have blown me away with their rosemary and sea salt kale chips. Flavour-packed, they’ve also got the signature kale crunch. Made in New Zealand, the company also holds raw food classes (in Auckland) to teach others the secrets behind their incredible foods and flavours. 100% yum.



100% Pure Moroccan Oil from Atom, 50ml $48

If you’ve got a half-used bottle of “Moroccan Oil” on your bathroom shelf (because you realised part way through it’s actually not natural), here’s what to replace it with. This is all-pure, all-potent and produced by a socially responsible company, Atom. Use on dry skin, massage through hair for an intensive mask, or add just a touch to tame split ends and unruly fly-aways. Argan oil has fabulous beauty benefits, from scar healing to skin-smoothing, but it’s extremely important to buy from an ethical, fair trade company. Atom checks all the boxes.



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