#LOVELIST: A Manual for Manifesting, a Workout that Works + More

louise hay

365 Journal

When I take time out to journal my hopes, thoughts and dreams, there’s a synchronicity that appears and I feel like there’s magic afoot. I used to scribble my notes on loose leaf sheets and keep them in a binder, but these days, I like something a little more fancy. I spied (and bought) this book from Kikki-K and love that it gives me the incentive to do just one page a day. You don’t have to start January 1st either. Your year begins when you say it does!


BarreBODY — Lengthen & Tone

Whenever I’ve bought exercise DVDs, they’ve mostly been a hit or miss. Either the exercises aren’t right, the production value is low or what you’re promised on the cover isn’t delivered. Not so with BarreBODY from Emma Siebold, who blends yoga, pilates and barre fusion to lengthen and tone. Emma is a natural teacher and the exercises are achievable, yet challenging, for various levels of fitness. What I love most about this new DVD is that the exercises target the entire body, helping to tone all over (great for mamas who want to shape up after bub). Stay tuned for an interview with Emma on the blog soon.


Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life affirmation kit

Affirmations are what can help to change your thoughts, and therefore your life, if you practice them daily. Louise Hay is the queen of the self-help/self-empowerment movement and is a wise woman who walks her talk. I have four of her affirmation cards framed on my desk to inspire and uplift me as I work: I am deeply fulfilled by all I do; My income is constantly increasing; I turn every experience into an opportunity; and Everything I touch is a success.



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  • Steph
    February 26, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Oooooh, loving the look of the Barre body DVD – might have to check it out. Beautiful journal too.


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