#LOVELIST: Comforting Cleansers, Anti-Ageing Goodies + More

August 30, 2016

Ivadore, Nurture antioxidant serum

There are many aging products in the market but this ultra concentrated antioxidant serum is a lightweight formula which penetrates quickly and results ingredients to go deep into the skin. This product has ingredients like organic rose water, vitamins E,C, B3, B5, B6 and baobab oil which do wonders for your skin. This is great for people who need protection against premature aging and need to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The serum comes in a 30ml bottle which starts from AU $65. For more information go to the official Ivadore website. www.ivadore.com.au/product/nurture-antioxidant-serum


Linden leaves lip balm

The Linden leaves lip balm is enriched with the goodness of manuka honey and sweet almond oil. Honey and almond oil are great to help repair damaged lips and give your lips nourishment to prevent damage. This lip balm is filled with natural antioxidants, which can reduce signs of aging. This product comes in a 10ml size, which is priced from $14.99.

Available at lindenleaves.com/product/ranges/natural-skincare/skincare-lip-balm/


Aeos cleansing oil

Cleansing oils have been known for their ability to work deep inside the pores and remove impurities from the skin. The Aeos cleansing oil instantly leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished. This multi award winning oil cleanser even breaks down and removes every trace of makeup. It is made from a mix of premium grade organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and gems & crystal energies.

The 75ml bottle is priced from $39.99 and available at BeNaturallyou www.benaturallyyou.com/AEOS-cleansing-oil-p/aeos01.htm 


Goodness face scrub

Goodness face scrub is a natural, vegan-friendly face scrub with no animal testing. This will provide scratch-free exfoliation for your skin, remove dirt and dead skin to reveal soft and smooth skin. Filled with the goodness of powdered pumice, chia seed, avocado, and coconut oils and none of the bad stuff.

It comes in a 50ml size which is priced from NZ $15.99. Available at www.goodnessproducts.com/shop/products/every+week+face+scrub/x_sku/01379.html


Yuni active calm moisturizer:

A must have anti aging cream for the face. This sustainably harvested and certified organic buriti oil will help restore the skin’s elasticity. Fine lines and dryness can be controlled with the green tea extract and turmeric which are key ingredients in this product.

All Yuni products are non toxic and plant based with 100% natural fragrances, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

The 60ml packaging is priced at $29.00 and is available at www.yunibeauty.com/active-calm-moisturizer


Medihoney Eczema care range

In ancient Greece, honey was used as a healing medicine. Today, technology has distilled its properties into the soothing Medihoney Eczema Care Range. A blessing for sensitive skin, the products contain medical grade antibacterial Manuka honey. With a natural honey fragrance, the gel and creams range in size from 25g-95g and cost from $16.95-$29.95. Find them at www.comvita.com.au/store/medihoney


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