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This sleek black tub landed on my desk the other day, and I’ve been in love with what it contains ever since. Handmade in the Isle of Skye in Scotland, this goes into my Face Exfoliator Hall of Fame (the other is from Josh Rosebrook). Not only does it slough away dead skin, but it also infuses with incredible moisture. Here’s why:

Absorptive Moroccan Rhassoul Clay extricates dirt and oil by actively assimilating with, and removing trapped particles deep within the pores. Organic oats, which are rich in silica, provide for superior exfoliating. Nutrient-active Hebridean Kelp replenishes essential minerals, whilst the sulphur-rich, anti-inflammatory MSM – a naturally occurring organic extract from the pulp of pine trees harvested from sustainable forests – helps build collagen.

Therapeutic oils (argan, calendula and coconut) clean deep to clear the pores and provide the skin with essential fatty acids to self-balance, to moisturise and protect freshly cleansed skin against bacterial infection whilst the soft herbal aromatic blend of chamomile, calendula and liquorice combine to repair and soothe inflamed skin.



I just ordered a divine cot bumper from this oh-so-gorgeous website. Not only does bub not bump her head and wake herself up every half an hour anymore, she’s now surrounded by beautiful organic material, so I can rest easy knowing she’s not ingesting any nasty chemicals that are used in the production of non-organic cotton. Pretty products and top-notch service.



This yearly (free) event is in full swing and is always on my list of self-help to-dos. Produced by Nick and Jessica Ortner, it’s great for anyone who’s new to tapping (EFT) and experts alike. I overcame some major health issues due to EFT and use it regularly to let go of negative emotions that pop up. If you missed signing up for the 2013 event, be sure to mark it on your calendar now for next year. It’s a life changer! As a practitioner of this incredible tool, I’m going to be including a lot more about tapping, and how you can use it, on the blog. Stay tuned.



When I became a mama almost a year ago, I gave up blogging and my nutrition studies to concentrate on bub. Now we’re in a routine (of sorts), I’m getting back to David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition course from the BodyMind Institute, which I study online. I’ve picked up some incredible insights about health and can’t wait to get back to it this weekend! If you haven’t heard of David Wolfe, he’s greatly responsible for bringing superfoods to the mainstream and is an incredible wealth of holistic health knowledge.

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