#LOVELIST: An Inspiring Goddess, Meditations + More

February 15, 2013

Leonie Dawson’s Incredible Business, Incredible Life


I discovered Leonie and her inspired work just a few weeks ago, and fell instantly in love with her spirit, her quirkiness, her work, and above all, the way she is completely comfortable in her own skin—and proud of it. An artist, a mama and an new-age entrepreneur, this bubbly Australian speaks directly to my heart and makes me feel so inspired and excited by life and its possibilities. If you have a dream and aren’t quite sure how to reach it, her yearly calendar, as well as workbooks, planners and workshops will put you on the right track, all the while brightening your day with her pretty illustrations.


Kelly Howell – Brain Sync Meditations

If you find meditating difficult, these guided and subliminal meditations are an incredible tool that can literally help change your thoughts and therefore your life. Kelly’s meditations helped me through a year of illness, assisting my mind to heal my body, while bringing about a deep sense of calm and positivity.


Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Lean System


Kimberly features regularly on Eco Beauty Editor. Why? Because I’m totally aligned with her philosophy of eating more plant foods, letting go of addictions to unhealthy habits and fostering great skin from within. She may be a nutritional consultant to Hollywood’s elite, but her down-to-earth personality and approach also resonates with so many others, who long for great health, and to finally get off the diet treadmill. I’m signing up for her new Glowing Lean System, an online course that cuts through the BS of dieting and actually teaches you how to enjoy food again without the guilt. Kim’s planning some special giveaways for Eco Beauty Editor readers in the coming months. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for further details.


Sunwarrior Protein


It’s a myth that we need as much protein as we’ve been told by popular media, however, it’s still an important part of your diet, especially if you’re not eating a lot of plant foods. The most superior (and delicious) protein powder I’ve found is from Sunwarrior. Its production is by old world process, combining the endosperm and bran from raw, sprouted whole grain brown rice, to create the first completely hypoallergenic protein, containing all essential and non-essential amino acids in a perfectly balanced profile. It also has the highest amount of (non soy) raw, whole-grain sprouted, vegan protein of any product available. Pop it in smoothies or even add it to soaked chia seeds and dates (blended) for a delicious and healthy dessert option.


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