The Ultimate Skin Detox

February 5, 2013
skin detox

The skin works a lot like the liver to keep us healthy and free from toxicity.

Did you know when the skin is working optimally it eliminates up to two kilograms of material per day?

We’re a civilization that believes putting some soap on our bodies is actually cleaning us. To some degree this is true, but most of the time soaps have chemicals for smell and other qualities that are actually carcinogenic.

Your skin is comprised of up to seven layers of dermis and epidermis, which, if we want to function in the highest capacity to keep us toxin free, then we need to give it a little more attention.

Most people don’t realize that yeast, parasites, bacteria, fungus and petrochemical get clogged up in our skin. The skin is naturally an acidic environment which can become a breeding ground for things that would downright scare the crap out of you if you could see it.

Skin Detox Borrowed from Our Ancestors

So what’s the solution? Well, we need to do is look back a few thousand years to the ancient Egyptians (known for their cleanliness and personal hygiene above all cultures). Even the Greeks with their advancements and public bathing etc were dumbfounded at how clean and neat the Egyptians were.

This is important because petrochemicals in sunscreen actually cause skin cancer. And the more people that get skin cancer the more people use sunscreen, it’s a nasty cycle.

So what did they do? Well, originally grains were distilled to make alcohol to clean the skin! Yes “vodka” essentially was invented to clean wounds and open up and clean the largest organ of the body “the skin”.

They would mix this alcohol with what we today call “bicarb soda” into a putty consistency and they would scrub the skin all over their bodies to kill all the acidic bacteria etc and to open the skin so it could function optimally.

I have been sharing this of many processes for the last five years to thousands of people. Most of them can’t believe how amazing their skin feels and looks after just a few sessions of this. Not to mention when going in the sun, your body has the ability to make more Vitamin D and tends to tan easier and not burn. By simply adding coconut oil I have found many have been able to go out for hours in direct sun without burning.

A good friend of mine on the Gold Coast in Australia, Michael Brown, who has red head and fair skin, would easily burn every time he went into the sun. He started this process religiously and now can go out for hours and has a great tan.

This is important because petrochemicals in sunscreen actually cause skin cancer. And the more people that get skin cancer the more people use sunscreen, it’s a nasty cycle.

So imagine how much your liver and kidneys and other organs will love you if your skin is eliminating the brunt of the toxicity that gets into our bodies from these modern times.

So what do I do? Well you used to have to pay $2,000 and come to one of my weekend courses to find out. But here it is for free!!

The Skin Detox Recipe

Buy the cheapest bottle of triple distiller VODKA and some aluminum-free BI-CARB SODA mix the two together in a jar with a lid till it’s a putty consistency. Have it next to you the next time you shower. Get in and rinse off. Then turn off the shower and scrub your entire body with this putty (I use a scrub brush or a loofah). I scrub head, face, arms, legs, everywhere. You might even get an itch in certain spots. I recommend focusing more on those spots and when you’re done scrubbing get back into the shower and rinse off. That’s it.

Then I recommend getting into the sun for 20-45 minutes. Depending on how much sun you can handle at first. Then just build up from there. Sun or not, your skin will be loving how open and clean it is. Cleaner than it has been in years. This will take the workload off your other organs and keep you healthy and beautiful!

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  • Anna
    February 5, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Yesterday you warned us about, among other things, ethanol in perfumes. But ethanol is exactly the same as alcohol in vodka. So is it bad or no? I get confused.

    • Shannon
      February 5, 2013 at 7:59 pm

      Great point Anna! It is confusing! Ethanol, compared to many chemicals used in fragrances, is on the “moderate” end of the toxic scale according to the Environmental Working Group (see, yet is still not great and thought to be responsible for organ toxicity, particularly when consumed. However, when combined with the many other hundreds of chemicals that make up perfumes, you’re in fact spraying a toxic cocktail onto your skin that stays there until you shower next, giving it ample time to enter your bloodstream, unlike wiping clear alcohol over your skin for a few moments before rinsing off.

      With Tyler’s recipe for skin detox, for example, you’re leaving the alcohol on your skin for a very limited period of time, and it’s not combined with the many other chemicals that make up fragrance. Tyler’s recipe is for a specific purpose to remove harmful toxins, which can do more harm than wiping vodka over your skin for a few seconds.

      You raised a great point and I hope this clears it a up a little! Tyler may also like to comment on this.

  • Tyler Tolman
    February 5, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    Thanks for responding Shannon, couldn’t have said it better myself. Remember that distillation is a process from grains or potato etc. It’s not some synthetic Chemical made in a lab. People do drink loads of it and some for most of their life, so again putting some on the skin will clean and open the pores and not cause problems like other synthetics :0)

  • Maria Antonia
    May 26, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    So how often do you have to scrub with this potion? Daily? Weekly? Thanks.

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