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Strengthening Our Body, Mind and Being

August 3, 2016

How do we really get in touch with our inner knowing?


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I’ve recently become fascinated by the English language, more specifically the origin of words, their true energetic meaning, and how a shift in the language we choose helps shift the body, mind and being to greater ease and freedom.

When I think of the word comfort, thoughts immediately go towards helping myself or someone else to feel less worried or upset. To give hope. But when delving a little deeper to the origins of the word – comfort – it actually means to strengthen greatly.  This may seem like a subtle difference, but from my point-of-view, it’s huge.

Would you like to feel less of something that worries or upsets you, or feel less of that which causes your body pain? Or would you like to strengthen yourself greatly so much so that the cause of any dis-comfort is no longer present or relevant?

I know which one I’d choose.

So how do we do this? How do we strengthen our body, mind and being? Do we look for answers from someone else? Do we hand over our power by having blind faith in another? Do we allow someone to ‘tell us’ what is ‘wrong’ with us and what we need to do to ‘fix it’?

If you are at a crossroads in life or if you are experiencing any dis-ease in your body, mind or being, then the single most important and helpful thing you can do in order to bring yourself comfort, is to get in touch with that inner voice and knowing inside you.

From what I have observed, it seems society is going more this way. Self-made gurus and experts popping up all over the world, quick to tell us what we need to do. Have we lost touch of the inner voice inside ourself so much so that we no longer realize we have the ability to know exactly what is true for ourselves? Or have we forgot that our body knows in an instant what it requires to strengthen greatly, and thrive?

I can only speak from my own personal experiences, and that which I observe in others whilst traveling all over the world. And this is what I know to be the truest truth, irrespective of your age, sex, nationality or belief system: no-one knows what is better for you, than you. And by that I mean … if you are at a crossroads in life or if you are experiencing any dis-ease in your body, mind or being, then the single most important and helpful thing you can do in order to bring yourself comfort, is to get in touch with that inner voice and knowing inside you.  Sure there are facilitators that can assist you, and I’m the first to jump at the opportunity to come together with the facilitators I choose to help me in my life, but there is a commonality with each of them … they all ask my body and being questions in respect to what is true for me.

If you’re keen to get more in touch with that inner voice inside you, the following are my favourite ways, which may or may not interest you too:

  1. Meditation – quieting the mind for 10 – 30 minutes each day to be present and still. Clearing the clutter from my brain.
  1. A moment of me time – gifting myself 15 minutes at the end of each day just for me. I love to use my organic crystal-infused Be genki oils during this time as I find they help me to become more aware of how I interact with my body, and the way in which I talk to myself. It’s a beautiful opportunity for me to practice kindness and self-acceptance towards myself.


  1. Listening to David Bailey’s beautiful transformational music. The first time I heard him play I was in tears. The melody touched my heart and soul in such a profound way, it was as if each note was transforming a part inside of me. He has CDs and Mp3s for self-healing, balancing yin and yang, coping with birthing, inner peace, freeing yourself from blockages and so much more.
  1. Using vibrational colour on a day-to-day basis via Aura-Soma. I like to choose colours to work with and apply to my body and the subtle energies surrounding my body based on what jumps out at me. Whilst it’s seductive to read all about what colour means what, it’s a trap. It’s best to leave your thinking mind at the door with this incredibly beautiful colour system, and apply the colours that vibrationally call out to your body and being.


  1. Reminding myself that the more ‘I know’, the less ‘I know’. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of thinking if we read more books or attend more courses then our point-of-view is more true than someone else who hasn’t made those choices. But all it really means is that we had the discipline to read or attend those things. I like to remain in a constant state of wonder, and open to new possibilities no matter where they come from. Being willing to look at different points of view and questioning everything so as to see if it is still ‘true for me’ on a moment by moment basis.

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