Nursery Essentials for Better Sleep

August 7, 2018
nursery essentials

Parents can easily get focused on the latest nursery essentials and the the traditional must-haves, right? But there are two items you likely haven’t considered, but are actually, in my opinion, the most important additions to your baby’s room.

The sheer amount of radiation we’re bathed in every single day—from wireless Wifi, mobile phones, wearable fitness trackers to cell phone towers and household electronics—needs to be a serious consideration when setting up sleeping quarters for the newest addition to the family (and for ourselves).

When a new baby comes into the picture, websites and stores often wax lyrical about the benefits of wearable baby monitors to pry on everything from breathing regularity to heart rate. But at what cost?

Wearable Baby Monitors Deemed “Not Safe”

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently carried out a review and deemed these devices “not safe”.

“There is no evidence that they’ll help kids and there’s some evidence of potential harm,” says researcher Dr. Christopher Bonafide.

He also says they create “undue stress for parents, leading to unnecessary hospital visits and tests”.

“I worry about the unnecessary care and even potential harm to babies that can be associated with alarms from these devices. There’s not a role for these devices in the care of healthy infants.”

Symptoms from electromagnetic exposure may include:

Headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. In many cases, most of us don’t know WHY we’re feeling this way. And in a baby’s case, they certainly can’t tell you.

Despite the lack of publicly available evidence supporting the safety, accuracy, effectiveness, or role of these monitors in the care of well infants, sales of these products are brisk and the market is expanding. For example, the makers of a “smart sock” monitor (Owlet Baby Care) that claims to alert parents if their infant stops breathing1 recently reported sales of 40 000 units at $250 each.

Nursery Essentials

The Harmonizer

The GIA Harmonizer is the newest and most advanced way to ward off EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies), and creates a harmonious environment at home and in the office. This very clever device is the result of intensive research and development in the field of bioenergetics and electro-sensitivity. It is a non-negotiable in our home and in our baby’s room.

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced include:

  • Feeling less stressed, more focused and more energised;
  • Improved sleep.

The technology powering the GIA Universal Guards (“MRET-Nylon”) featured in the The Truth About Cancer documentary. Watch to hear why the MRET-activated GIA Universal Guards have become a must-have product for people concerned about the effects of electromagnetic exposure:

The Universal Guard

Most families have a traditional baby monitor in their little one’s room. I use the GIA Universal Guard on ours to cancel out the negative effects. This can also be applied to computers and other home tech and appliances.


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