Why A Moment of Discomfort Creates A Life Of Comfort

August 16, 2016

We’re constantly being advised to step out of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves and the success will follow. Yet so many people I teach respond to this approach with negativity, believing that the discomfort experienced in doing so is not worth the end result.

My advice to them always remains the same, “find what it is you love because creating a career with purpose is an end result worth the discomfort.”

Yes, you will be well and truly out of your comfort zone. Yes, you will question your choices. Yes, you will wonder if you are making the right decision, but I can guarantee you that the end result of happiness and a career you love, followed by financial reward is worth the short-term discomfort. Once you get started, you’ll quickly realize it was simply your discomfort that was the single biggest roadblock on your journey to creating a career with purpose.

Here are the biggest concerns I often hear from my students and some advice on how to overcome them…

  1. Money – How long will it take to replace my current income?

Starting a business takes time. It could take 3 months or 3 years. However, you could triple your current income after 5 years (yes, triple!).

If you’re impatient you might not want to hear that, and it means you really need this next point!

  1. Short Term Vision – I don’t want to take a step back in my career.

People with long-term visions are more successful than people that only plan until the end of the month.

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can achieve in 5.      So taking a “step back” in your career actually means a step forward in your life.

  1. Time – I’m too busy right now

Working hard in the wrong direction is not progress. I know there are so many urgent things to do. But your to-do list never stops.                                                                                                                                              The real question is “Will I prioritize what’s important over what’s urgent?”

  1. Belief – Will I really be able to do it?

If we can put a man on the moon, you can probably achieve your goal.

Worse case scenario, you can start it on the side. If it doesn’t go well you can just go back to doing what you did before. But at least you learned something, grew as a person and had the courage to try.

  1. Clarity – I don’t know what I would love to do.

That’s ok. Before you love a person, you need to go on dates. Before you love a career, you need to get to know them first too!                                                                                                                                                           So just start researching different careers or business opportunities. Talking to people about them, watching videos, taking note of different things when you walk down the street.

Buried deep inside your mind is the answer; don’t stop questioning yourself.

  1. Strategy – I don’t have a plan for the best way to start.

Nobody’s sure of the “best” way for you. But you can be sure it’s not waiting on the sidelines until the stars are perfectly aligned!                                                                                                                                            Remember: You don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it started.

The best way to get a plan is to model (copy!) someone that has done it before. They will have a roadmap you can base yours on.

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