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February 19, 2013
life force diet

There’s so much diet advice and statistics being bandied about that sometimes it’s a bit confusing to navigate through all the nutritional rights and wrongs. But my Life Force Rule is extremely simple, unarguably logical, kinda spiritual, and is guaranteed to result in healthier bodies! So, what is it? The Life Force Diet.

Mother Nature-Grown

All food that grows naturally on trees, bushes or in the ground contains innate intelligence just like our bodies. If you cut the top off a carrot, whether the carrot’s been pulled fresh out of a veggie patch, or even been sitting on a supermarket shelf for three weeks, and sit it on a cottonwool pad with water and sunlight, it will sprout. That’s universal intelligence!

But what happens if you take a plastic packet of carrots out of the freezer, chop the top off one, and sit it on a cottonwool pad with water and sunlight? Absolutely nothing. (Don’t believe me? Try it.) Somewhere in the system of packaging, processing and preserving goods, the carrot’s life force has been TERMINATED.

Hand-picked, Fresh

It’s becoming a rarer and rarer thing these days to actually walk outside, pick something off a vine, plant or tree, and eat it a in season, sun-warmed, unwashed, maybe with a couple of ants, but totally juicy and fresh. When was the last time you can remember doing that? And how many times this year?

Food that comes directly from healthy soil, water and sunlight is absolutely zinging with life force. Energetically, I can sense it just chopping parsley on my kitchen bench that I pulled out of a flowerpot moments before.

The parsley is plump, fragrant, colorful, and actually has complex flavors. You can imagine how our body responds to food like this, it loves it! It’s delicious to eat, it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients, it’s chemical-free, and our guts can absorb and process this goodness quickly and easily, just like our cavemen forefathers (and mothers). So if you were to ask your body how it feels about digesting frozen packaged carrots, food that’s devoid of life force, what might it say?

life force diet

And guess what? We all know that much, much worse things than carrots come in packets. All sorts of reconstituted, bleached, processed, preserved, deodorized, colored substances are presented to us in packets and jars as food, all day long. And we use these snacks or quick meals to mindlessly fuel ourselves (often in gross amounts).

Chemical Crap

Not to sound preachy, but the other day I spotted a pregnant friend wolfing down cups of Orange and Mango Mineral Water. I snuck a look at the ingredient list: fructose syrup, food acid, preservatives, additives, food coloring/flavoring, sulphates. Not to mention the fact that bottle might have been flown on a plane to arrive at the local store, sucking up radiation along the way AND the fact that the plastic bottle its encased in contains cancer-causing BPA.

How much percentage of life force do you think is actually contained in Orange and Mango Mineral Water? What do you suppose my pregnant friend’s 33-week-old fetus had to say about that?

The Life Force Diet

It’s become almost impossible to live in our world existing solely on a Life Force Diet, most of us do not have veggie patches, hobby farms or orchards we can regularly hand-pick food from, or fresh spring/rain water to drink. But we can improve our consciousness around our food choices and shopping habits.

When reaching for a muffin, tin of corn, dried fig, roasted coffee beans or piece of cheese, ask yourself: what would happen if I sat this on a cottonwool pad with water and sunlight? If the answer is nothing, remember that nothing is exactly how much life force your own energy system is going to derive from this dead food source.

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