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The 65-page book is a collection of wisdom—nuggets of skincare (and health) gold from some of the world's leading holistic skincare and health experts.

For too long, we have been told it's what we put on our skin is the key to the vibrant, youthful glow we seek. However, there is much more to the healthy skin picture, and if you act upon the advice within these pages, you may also discover vibrant wellness, from the inside out.

Also featuring delicious and nourishing recipes for inside and out.

Purchase Kindle eBook version here for just $8.95 USD: or paperback for $14.95 USD: (see live links in bio). It will also be available as PDF download on my website soon. Sign up for updates here:
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  • Tomorrow is the day! My book Healing Prolapse: Inspired Words for Your Journey Within, launches on Amazon (Kindle and paperback) 
While literally billions of women in the Western World suffer from some form of prolapse, it is a condition shrouded in secrecy. Why? Because women feel shame, embarrassment and that their body has failed them. It is my job to show them it is NOT their body failing them, rather a symptom of suppression that weaves back through history and generations. It is so much more than a physical issue. It is a result of women believing they are not enough. It is a result of women believing lies about their womb.

It is my role to show women the true reflection of themselves: one of beauty, power and incredible possibilities. There is much work to be done and this is just the beginning. I healed second degree uterine prolapse because I awoke to the truth and I did the work to heal. Now, I’m showing others how they can do the same. 
Please share with the women in your life. They may not be talking about it, but they may be suffering beyond measure. .
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  • Healing Prolapse: Inspired Words for Your Journey Within, officially launches on Amazon on February 22 (pre-sale is open now). I am humbled by the response I've received after sending out just a few review copies of this 85-page book.

I wrote it to support women with Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP); to help them think about their symptoms in a new way and to share what I know after I healed what the medical establishment told me was not possible.
“I am half way through your book and I honestly can't even begin to tell you how amazing this is, and what a blessing this is to the POP community! Such a gift 🙏" — Lindsay T, Canada.
“Healing Prolapse is filled with empowerment and hope, two things that women who have been diagnosed with prolapse are rarely given. For many, the suggestions offered in this book may well be the missing link in their healing journey.”—Tracie L, United States.
“Inspirational! I absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful gift for women to read in order to acknowledge that we need to look past the physical in order to find true healing.”—Chyvawn N, Canada.
“Healing prolapse is a beautifully written book to help nurture and find completeness, from within. Shannon has given women hope to find a natural way of loving themselves, as when we tune in to the very core of our knowing, healing begins." — Jocelyn Oades, New Zealand.
“What a treasure to read Shannon’s new book! Such grace, love and support. There is no doubt that Shannon was destined to help women in this sacred way and after reading her new book, I think you will find your vibration lifted to a place where you can manifest and heal anything you desire! Starting with your womb. May the Divine Mother shine her light on all of you who seek to find your truth, and your path of healing in these pages."— Elly Numia, New Zealand.

Purchase your copy here: Link also in bio.

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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} A Bronzite Stone is a protective and grounding mineral that helps to restore harmony in your life. It strengthens your self-confidence and self-esteem, especially in situations where you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or powerless. Bronzite healing properties help to alleviate any feelings of doubt or indecisiveness. This particular bronzite meaning makes this a very beneficial stone to use when considering plans for the future.

Bronzite stones help you to take responsibility for your actions, while balancing, grounding and stabilizing your energy body in the process. Bronzite healing properties not only repel, but send back the negative energies to the sender. They instill the inner strength and courage to follow through with your actions to pave way for your dreams to come true.
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} A Selenite wand (pictured) is the ideal energy tool for all types of energy cleansing. Everyone needs one in their home. It is one of the the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. Place one on each of your windowsills to protect your space and raise its vibration. Selenite crystals also greatly magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them. Place your tumbled stones on top of them to clear their energy. 💎
Selenite is one of our must-have crystals—it’s one that we both wear each and everyday. It is a mineral that holds a very, very high vibration, working on many different energetic levels to cleanse, purify and clear your body of any negativity or energy blockages. Selenite crystals dispel all negative energy from the body and mind, bringing calming energies, deep peace and mental clarity.
Unknown to many, Selenite also promotes fertility as well as unlocks any creative blocks. It is excellent for healers, light workers and people in the public to wear, as they act as an energetic shield surrounding your aura. Some even believe that its' natural ability to cleanse, purify and create energy flow throughout the entire energy system will help to restructure and regenerate cells. It is often used in holistic medicine treatments for physical healing, including cancer treatment and tumor reduction. 💎
Wearing a selenite necklace also shields and protects you from lower energy frequencies, especially energy vampires, spirits or ghosts. Selenite is a form of liquid light that infuses your aura and spirit with white light when worn or held.
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} An Andalusite stone is very powerful for psychic protection, grounding and motivation. Carry it with you when you are feeling anxious, stressed or fearful to help you feel more secure and protected.

Since ancient times, Andalusite stones have been used for protection. They believed that the Andalusite meaning as a sign from God, as it has a very unique, natural black cross within it. Andalusite stones carry a very highly protective vibration, especially for psychic protection. In ancient times, it was used to ward off the evil eye and any negativity directed at them. An Andalusite Stone is a powerful healing stone for focus and grounding, helping to strengthen all of your chakras so that you feel more balanced. It increases your motivation and willpower, so that you are fully focused on your task or goal. The andalusite metaphysical properties include having a deep connection with the Earth. When you hold these stones in your hands, you will feel a spiritually grounding and comforting energy. It helps you to change any negative energy into positive, fostering harmony and peace. Andalusite stones are also wonderful stones to carry when you are feeling fearful, depressed, anxious or stressed, as it helps to relieve stress and leaves you feeling more secure. 💎
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} Peacock Ore’s (also called Chalcopyrite) rainbow color surrounds you with light to inspire positivity. It is a stone of creativity, innovation and blessings that helps to increase creative energies and stimulate new ideas. Hold it in your hands and say: Negative energy will not enter my space. I am surrounded by light and peace. This will amplify its properties for peace and protection.

Chalcopyrite is a wonderful meditation stone because it breaks up energy blockages to open up the crown chakra. It is also believed to be one of the strongest healing stones in the mineral kingdom, as it has the ability to align every chakra when placed upon it. Using it in body layouts causes a transformative experience that removes negative energy and replaces it with strong, positive energy. Meditating with them on a regular basis increases your intuition and helps you to become more in tune with the universe. It is also said to help us overcome the idea of “perfection,” encouraging us to embrace who we are and accept ourselves. 💎 
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  • #PROTECTIONCRYSTALSWEEK {Guest edited by Heather and Timmi at @energymuse} Black Tourmaline is one the ultimate protection crystals. If you are looking to clear, cleanse and unlock any energy blockages in your home, place a piece of Black Tourmaline in each of the 4 corners of the room or at the 4 corners of your property. This creates a protective shield of energy to ensure that no negative and harmful energy permeates your space. The human body is constantly bombarded with positive and negative energies. When you come in contact with people everyday, you often pick up some of their energy. To maintain a balanced mind, body and spirit, you want to make sure that your energy is 100% your own, so knowing how to remove negative energy from your energy field is key. 💎
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Kicking Acne Before 30: The Journey Continues

May 13, 2015

Since my last blog, loads of exciting developments have been happening in my ‘Journey to Kick Acne Before I’m 30.’

I’m currently trialling a product that I’m feeling pretty hopeful about. I say ‘hopeful’, but when you’ve experienced as many failed acne treatments as I have, probably ‘sceptical’ is a better word. But this product is different to anything else I’ve tried: it treats you from the inside and the out and is natural. It’s called Qsilica Naturally Clear Blemish Control Kit (pictured below).

Learn how to use essential oils SAFELY and for most benefit
Essential oils are potent and offer most benefit when used correctly. Did you know? Each oil possesses particular chemical make-up and the application is often specific to the particular oil. Therefore, it's important to understand how to best use an oil to suit your particular situation. Learn how to use pure essential oils safely, and for most benefit by subscribing to my essential oils education newsletter at left.
Your privacy is respected, always.


It contains 30 Skin Support tablets, taken twice daily, which are full of all kinds of goodies to help balance hormone levels, purify blood, increase antioxidants and support skin repair. It’s got Vitamin A, Zinc, Green Tea, Burdock and Barberry Root and Silica, to name just a few.

The topical treatments are a Cleanser and Spot Gel, used morning and night, to help get rid of bacteria, dirt and oil – all the nasty stuff – and to clear clogged pores and calm irritation. These lotions have winning ingredients (that people who’ve cleared their acne naturally keep recommending to me) like Avocado, Cucumber and Olive leaf and Willow Bark extract.

I’m also using a natural daily moisturiser (see below) and a weekly scrub. Both products are from Zk’in. I’m SO obsessed with this brand I’m going to write a separate review for their products – so stay tuned.


Finding the cause of my acne

I’ve been looking into face mapping and how certain areas of your face reflect different organs in the body. And when these organs are toxic or not working properly, side effects like acne, dark spots and redness can appear on the skin. Most of my spots occur around my chin, smile lines, jaw and forehead. If you believe face mapping, these areas are linked to the reproductive system, the colon, liver and intestines.

So to help remove internal toxins and improve the health of my organs, I’ve made the following diet and lifestyle changes:

Reducing caffeine intake. Every morning for as long as I can remember, the first thing to hit my gut would be a mug of coffee with an overweight teaspoon of sugar. Now, I’ve replaced my morning cuppa (yep, it hurt) with a fruit/veg smoothie, giving my body the nutrients it needs after a night of fasting. I still enjoy the occasional caffeine hit (life wouldn’t be worth living otherwise) but I’ve replaced sugar with Stevia and try to go for organic brands (eightthirty is my fav) and avoid the instant stuff. NB: Apparently there’s dishwashing detergent in instant coffee to make it foam – no thanks.

Eating a more plant-based diet. I’m not a huge carnivore anyway, but I’ve been trying to up the ante on my raw fruit and veg intake, because these foods have SO MANY awesome healing and cleansing properties. As mentioned, every morning I throw whatever fruit and veg I can find into my blender to make a smoothie. If you want to learn more about the benefits of this, Google the shit out of ‘Joe the Juicer’. He’s the man.

H20. Hell no, hell yes! I’m over hearing people constantly bang on about drinking more water, but it does make sense to flush your body and keep hydrated if you want clear skin. I’m aiming for at least two litres a day. To help the detox process, I’ve been drinking more green tea and adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to water.

Increasing movement. In both the exercise and the bowel sense of the word…stay with me. As much as I loath it sometimes, I’m trying to get at least 20mins of heat-hammering activity every day. This is great for increasing circulation and flushing out toxins through sweat, but it also works wonders for people like me with a slow moving digestive system – aka I don’t poop as regularly as I should (sorry if this grosses you out, but I could talk about this until the cows come home!). And if the body doesn’t get rid of waste regularly it can lead to all kinds of problems, acne at the very least, so get pooping people! I’m currently financially challenged and can’t afford a gym membership, so instead I do yoga or cardio videos from YouTube, or take Dobby (dog, not house elf) for a run around the block.

Cutting the crap (don’t worry, I’m not back on pooping). I’m more aware about minimalizing the amount of processed foods, refined sugars, additives and preservatives I consume. You’d be surprised how many ordinary foods, even certain breads, have nasty chemical additives. There’s an App called Chemical Maze that’s awesome for helping decipher what all those numbers in the ingredients list mean. It’s not pretty…

In an ideal world I would remove alcohol from my diet too, as most contain loads of preservatives and sugars, but anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a vino! So I’ve just cut down, but not cut out.

If the body doesn’t get rid of waste regularly it can lead to all kinds of problems, acne at the very least, so get pooping people!

Finding the balance

It’s a tough one, because although I’m committed to improving my skin and understand that health is the most important thing in life (above love, friendship, money etc. because without good health you’re screwed and can’t enjoy any of the other things) I also believe that life is for living.

I don’t want to become one of those super hard-core health Nazis that never lets anything non-organic or unnatural pass their lips. I enjoy boozy nights with my girlfriends and ice cream dates with my man, so I don’t want to deny myself those things – not even for Miranda Kerr’s perfect skin!

So I figure it’s about sweeet balance. If I try my best to eat clean, use natural cosmetics and keep active 80% of the time, surely my skin won’t mind if I’m naughty the rest of the time?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or any advice you have on curing acne naturally.

Terri xx

  • Elle
    March 19, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Hi Terri,

    Thanks for the blog – just wanted to know what sort of results you got with this regime and in particular how you found the products?


  • Terri Heard
    March 23, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Hi Elle,
    Thanks heaps for your question. I’m pleased to say that I have learned to ‘manage’ my acne, and I say manage not ‘cure’ as I am definitely not zit-free, but I am a stage that I’m comfortable with my skin.
    I wish I could tell you that I got here because of some miracle product, but the truth is it was a combination of healing my insides (through a tailored diet, supplements and tissues salts prescribed by a talented naturopath/kinesiologist) and finding the right skincare regime to cleanse my face of bad bacteria but to also nourish my sensitive skin. I still only use natural makeup – unless it’s a special occasion and I need more coverage =)
    Although I think the causes of acne are very individual, I’ll happily share what specific products, supplements and diet worked for me, if you like? I could talk about this topic all day!!