How to Heal Scars the Natural Way

September 6, 2014

I’ve received numerous scars from various misadventures—running down hills, playing sports, tripping over objects that turned out to be my own feet—but scars can also come in bigger shapes and sizes, such as those post-surgery.

Scars bother some people, and they want to know how they can reduce their appearance (and virtually get rid of them) without having to resort to plastic surgery. There is a natural way to do this, and the results can be incredible.

When you need to get that injury stitched up, it’s important to get small, tight stitches, and to avoid moving around too much, as this will aggravate it and affect the healing process. Once the stitches have been taken out, your body will begin to heal itself, resulting in thicker skin (scar tissue). How thick this skin is varies from person-to-person, depending on how big the injury or cut was, how well the stitches were kept in tact, and how your body copes with the healing mechanism.

In the video above, I’ll reveal to you Mother Nature’s very own cures for healing scar tissue the natural way! She has provided us with medicinal plants and oils that can reduce the appearance of scars, and give you that smooth, natural skin tone you’ve be looking to get back.

I’ll also discuss the power of fasting, and how this can help to heal scars as well.

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