How to Detox Safely & Foster Good Health

March 29, 2011

By Dr Marilyn Golden

It’s important to help the body climate toxins, through detox protocols that have shown to bring back vibrancy, vitality and overall good health.

Pollutants pervade our world. Toxins are increasingly common in our modern environment. These include heavy metals such as mercury in amalgam fillings and as an adjuvant in some vaccines, aluminium in antiperspirants and baking powder, arsenic in preserved woods used in playgrounds and even as a border in vegetable patches. There’s cadmium in cigarette smoke, lead in paints and car batteries, food additives such as colourants and preservatives, drugs, medication, pollutants in our water supply and the air we breathe.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 2.4 million people die each year from air pollution. Indoor pollution stems from photocopiers, carpets, cleaning materials, glues, paints and furnishings. Australia tops the per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the developed world (SMH 2004).

Physical phenomena such as electromagnetic radiation and ionising radiation are invisible toxins. Electronic products dumped in landfills contain dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that can leach into the groundwater. According to Choice magazine, many unsafe pesticides passed by the Australian food authorities for use in our foods are banned in Europe.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 21st September 2009, written by Kelly Burke, stated that Endosulfan, one of the world’s most toxic crop sprays, is permitted for horticultural control of mites and insects in Australia, whereas Endosulfan is banned in more than 50 countries, including 27 countries of the European Union and in New Zealand since January 2009. Endosulfan has been linked to breast cancer and birth defects. It has long-term effects as it persists in the body and disrupts the endocrine system. It is but one of the many chemicals used in the agricultural industry.

According to the Environmental Working Group, people who consume the 12 most pesticide-contaminated foods, ingest 10 pesticides each day.

Research on the use of multiple pesticides and chemicals acting cumulatively and synergistically in the body is difficult to perform and long-term effects may only become apparent after many years. Multiple long-term exposure to low doses of toxins makes detection in humans difficult and may be a contributing cause to chronic illness in many forms. A frightening scenario was the discovery of two and three-headed fish in the Noosa River in 2009 which was thought to be as a result of the use of Endosulfan in the area. Some toxins such as DDT and Lindane have such a long half-life, that their presence in the soil may persist up to 30 years.

In 2009 in China, the chemical melamine was found as a contaminant in infant milk powders, causing renal failure and many deaths. There have been concerns that it may have infiltrated vegetables and other crops through pesticides and fertilizers containing the chemical. Sciencebase is a website listing the types of processed food contaminated by melamine found in many other countries outside of China.

Mining and industry wastes pollute agricultural areas, pervading the food we eat at the end of the production chain. Our homes and workplaces generate toxic by-products from paints, glues, building materials, moulds, solvents and adhesives. A study performed by the CSIRO in 2000 showed that new homes generated high amounts of volatile toxins, including formaldehyde for more than a year after construction.

Bisphenol A is a component of plastics including plastic bottles and it is a known endocrine disruptor. Concern has been expressed by the FDA on the effect of Bisphenol A on infant brain development and on early puberty. It may also be implicated in the development of obesity.

ENDOGENOUS toxicity arises within our own bodies, generated by hostile bacteria, parasites, yeasts and their by-products in our digestive tracts as well as residues of drugs, food chemicals and free radicals from infection, inflammation, alcohol and medication. In those who are nutrient deficient or who have genetic enzyme deficiencies, toxins accumulate and these individuals are more susceptible to certain illnesses. Toxins can bind to enzymes to inhibit their capacity to detoxify.

Chronic stress may impair digestion and detoxification. Hormonal imbalance or impaired function of liver detoxification enzymes contribute to endogenous toxicity.

How do toxins affect our health?

Toxins may cause free radical damage, disrupt the endocrine system, paralyse detoxification enzymes in the body, accumulate in tissues and organs to compromise function, damage the nervous system, mitochondria and DNA and suppress immunity.

What are the symptoms of toxicity?

– Symptoms may be nonspecific and persistent.
– Low energy
– Low mood, anxiety and depression
– Poor concentration, memory problems, headaches
– Frequent infections
– Joint pain, muscle aches
– Allergies
– Weight gain
– Digestive symptoms: diarrhoea, constipation, bloating
– Autoimmune disease
– Chemical and environmental sensitivity
– Infertility and reproductive disorders

What can we do?

  • Limit your toxic load through reducing household and personal use of toxic chemicals.
  • Enjoy indoor plants that absorb pollutants – The Areca palm, Bostern ferns, Chrysanthemums, Dwarf Date palms, Striped Dracena
  •  Filter your water
  • Greatly reduce or abstain from alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs.
  • Practice some form of stress relief and happiness time
  • Detoxify under supervision from an experienced health practitioner
  • Select your food carefully.

According to the Environmental Working Group, people who consume the 12 most pesticide-contaminated foods, ingest 10 pesticides each day. The list of foods containing higher concentrations of chemicals and pesticides from


As many pesticides do not wash off with rinses, these fruits and vegetables should be organic wherever possible or peeled. It is uncertain whether vegetable rinses remove all pesticide residues.

Grow your own

Sprouts and greens are very simple and easy to grow at home, in pots or in sprouters. Examples are Kale, parsley, silverbeet, rocket, lettuce and wheatgrass. Sprouts with high detoxification capacity include broccoli sprouts, mustard seed and cress. Sprouts and greens may be used in smoothies or salads. They are powerful packages of antioxidants, proteins and protective phytochemicals such as sulphoraphane which upregulates the genes which code for glutathione detoxification in the cells and in the liver.

Detoxification begins at the cell

Protect your cells at all times. Support cell nutrition.

Antioxidant support is essential throughout life. We are bombarded with an estimated10,000 hits of free radical assault to our cells and DNA on a daily basis. Free radicals damage our cell membranes and our DNA leading to disease.

Ensure that you have a minimum of seven different coloured fruits and vegetables each day. Supplement with high CAROTENOID containing superfruits such as GAC, SEABUCKTHORN, GOJI, CILI FRUIT. I recommend the blend called G3 juice which is scientifically proven to be bioavailable to the body and to elevate the carotenoid score. FOOD BASED CAROTENOIDS are found in fruits and vegetables containing the red, yellow, orange and dark green pigments. Carotenoids may protect against prostate cancer, macular degeneration, lung cancer and breast cancer by supporting the immune system and promoting proper cell to cell communication.

The GAC fruit contains a high percentage of lipids which makes the carotenoids more bioavailable. It is known as the Fruit from Heaven in Vietnam where it is credited with longevity and many health benefits. Synthetic supplementation with betacarotene has proved to be potentially harmful and of no benefit. It may even reduce the level of natural carotenoids in the bloodstream.
Cholesterol lowering medications may reduce absorption of carotenoids. (

Nature Heals

It is time to return to natural foods for detoxification and longer, healthier lives. FRUIT AND GREEN SMOOTHIES blended in a base of water or fresh juice, with added sprouts, acai berry powder, wheatgrass or barley grass powder and spirulina and dulse flakes are a natural way to provide basic antioxidant cover and concentrated phytonutrients to protect the cells. Seaweed alginates bind heavy metals. Chlorophyll from the green smoothies neutralizes toxins in the gut. A high – raw diet , consisting of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, raw juices, smoothies, fresh leafy greens, sprouts, nuts and seeds can be integrated into any dietary plan with boundless benefits for health.

Gut Detox


Soluble fibre from fruit and vegetables plus flax seed, slippery elm and psyllium provide food prebiotics for gut flora and prevent the action of the harmful enzyme called betaglucuronidase which deconjugates toxins and hormones and reactivates them.

Spices such as Cumin, Red and Black pepper, Ginger,Fennel, Aniseed, Coriander and Cardamom stimulate Bile secretion for fat digestion, pancreatic and intestinal enzymes and reduced food transit time. (Platel and Srinivasan) Indian journal of Medical Research, May 2004). Reduce meat and saturated fats such as eggs and eliminate dairy products. Increase greens and fruit as mentioned.

Support digestive enzyme function with vegetarian high potency digestive enzymes

Probiotics and prebiotics have specific functions – select yours with your health practitioner.

At least three times each year, ask your Health Practitioner to prescribe a herbal antimicrobial, antiparasitic and antifungal formula to remove dysbiotic organisms.

Repair the gut lining with a safe formula containing glutamine, colostrums (note: not vegan), chlorella and spirulina and aloe vera.

Maintain on probiotics, rotating as needed under supervision.

Laxatives and enemas are not recommended.

Liver Detoxification Support

There are two main pathways of liver detoxification, namely – Phase 1 (cytochrome P450) which makes the toxins more toxic as an intermediate metabolite in the process and Phase 2 conjugation enzymes which produce a water soluble toxin for excretion.


• Cruciferous vegetables, including kale, mustard greens, watercress, radishes, rocket and broccoli sprouts contain sulphoraphane and indole 3 carbinol which stimulate phase 2 liver detoxification to mop up free radicals produces as a result of phase 1 detoxification.
• Sesame seed (sesamin), curcumin (tumeric), garlic, onions and rosemary support phase 2 detox enzymes. Sesame seed (sesamin) also produces enterolactone in the gut which may protect against reproductive cancers and prostate cancer.
• Green tea stimulates phase 1 and is antioxidant, antiiflammatory and anti-cancer.
• Nasturtiums
• Beetroot
• Ginger
• Note that grapefruit juice (Naringenin) slows phase 1 and is contraindicated with certain medications that may build up in the system.
• Iodine in the form of kelp if deficient
• Pomegranates
• Pure water and raw vegetable juices containing the above with the addition of dandelion leaves (homegrown, organic).
• Acupuncture: stimulation of acupuncture points of the liver, stomach, spleen and kidneys
• Herbs – Schisandra, rosemary, St Mary’s thistle.
• Herb teas , Rooibos, dandelion, green tea, lemon in hot water

Lymphatic Detoxification

Dry brush massage
Far infrared saunas reduce the body’s chemical burden through sweating
• Lymphatic drainage massage
• Exercise: rebounding, Hypervibe whole body vibration exercise

Matrix Detoxification

Under the supervision of a Health Professional trained in homotoxicology, homotoxciological remedies detoxify the Extracellular Matrix, the space between the cells where toxins accumulate.

Mind and Spirit Detoxification

Meditation, gratitude, qigong, tai chi, yoga help connect body and soul to make detoxification an integrated process of awareness and health.

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