Stress Reduction: 6 Essential Steps


Stress is said to be the epidemic of the modern world. So what can we do about it?

Firstly, it is critical to know it is not about events but about our response to them. In other words we have more control than we are led to believe. The first principal of managing stress is to decide what you need to do about a problem and then do it rather than stew on it.

There are simple things we can do to reduce feelings of stress:

1) Do regular meditation or slow deep breathing.

2) Drink adequate water (around 30ml/kilo per day) to keep the brain hydrated

3) Do regular exercise. This has been shown to reduce feelings of stress

4) Eat more raw food and less processed sugary foods

5) Drink green tea or other soothing herbal teas.

6) Have enough vitamin D and B as well as zinc and magnesium in your diet

A little stress helps us get out of bed in the morning. Too much is bad for our health. Rather than aiming to eliminate stress learn to manage it and strengthen your bodies ability to deal with it.


Doctor, speaker, author, media presenter and health industry consultant, Dr Joe Kosterich says he wants people to be healthy and get the most out of life. He gives motivational and practical health talks for the general public and corporations helping people to look and feel better. Dr Joe is a newspaper and magazine columnist and regular on radio and TV.


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