7 Habits of Healthy People

April 10, 2011
healthy people

Becoming healthy, and then maintaining it, need not include major life changes that will have you craving the very food you’re trying to avoid. 

Truly healthy people know what works for their particular constitution and body type, and follow some core principles along the way.

Here are seven simple habits to add to your every day, not a diet book in sight…

Add a dash of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt to spring water

Nutritionist Lars Gustafsson of the BodyMind Institute says it best: Where minerals go, water goes. Simply put, by adding healthy salts to your drinking water, your body absorbs not only the many trace elements of the salt, but also the water. It’s particularly important to hydrate upon waking; otherwise it becomes a roller coaster ride for blood sugar levels, which means you can’t be your most effective self throughout the day. If your body is overburdened with years of regular (toxic) table salt consumption, it’s best to stay off all salts until the body is able to detox itself. Gradually introduce the healthy salts after approximately three to six months.

Eat organic fruit before each meal

You’re nice and hydrated after your morning spring water and salt. After 10 minutes, eat a piece of fruit. After 30 to 45 minutes, eat breakfast. This keeps your blood sugar levels, and your energy, even. Continue this throughout the day, eating fruit approximately 30 minutes before each meal.

Drink juice and water when exercising

When exercising, carry freshly squeezed juice and water mixed together, with a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan salt. Sip throughout. When you’re done exercising eat a piece of fruit. This simple action ensures you won’t experience any energy dips, as it keeps those blood sugar level crashes at bay. Also, be sure to gently stretch after exercise and drink water from an eco friendly bottle. The plastic kind not only clog up our precious environment, but are also known to leak harmful chemicals.

Breathe deeply before each meal

There’s something to be said about saying Grace before each meal. It not only expresses gratitude for the food that’s about to nourish your body, but also allows you to calm your mind and prepare your body for digestion.Before every meal, remind yourself to stop and take three deep breaths. This simple action is wonderful for preparing the body for the food its about to digest.

Make weekly trips to your local farmer’s market

Buying local is a great way to ensure your food is fresh, organic and free from scientific tampering. That is, anything genetically modified. Shopping at your local farmer’s market is also a way to become more connected to the food you eat, as you’re buying directly from the person who put their hard work, love and energy into growing the produce. There’s also an added bonus of upping your essential Vitamin D intake as you wander (without wearing chemical-laden sunscreen!) from stall to stall. See (US), (UK), (Canada), (Aus), or (NZ) to find a market near you.

Decrease your intake of meat and dairy

Despite being told drinking processed milk is good for our bones and eating meat is a superior form of protein, research has shown evidence to the contrary. Dairy causes iron deficiency, bloating, diarrhoea, gas and intestinal pain in most people. Where do cows get their calcium? From the grass they eat. Leafy greens such as kale, broccoli, collards and cabbage are excellent sources of calcium and no animals are harmed in the process. The same goes for meat consumption. Protein and iron are in abundance in a pure vegetarian diet. Eating factory-farmed meat also means you’re putting antibiotics and any diseases from the animal directly into your own system.

Educate yourself

By learning about the types of foods that create a healthy mind and body, you put the power back into your hands instead of big food industries. A good place to start researching is with Dr Gabriel Cousens’ book, Conscious Eating.

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