5 Simple Ways to Be More Mindful

October 30, 2015

You don’t have to go on a yoga retreat or dial down on your to-do list to achieve mindfulness. Rather, just take a few moments to be more mindful in your everyday tasks. Some of the commonalities that fill our day, whether they be eating, exercising, working, leisure and sleeping can all be achieved with a mindful spin.

Here are 5 simple ways to be more mindful:

Eat with no distractions

How often do you sit down for a meal without any distractions? If you’re eating on the run or while you’re on your phone, your digestive system will not optimally switch on. This may cause a myriad of health issues including bloating and cramping because your food hasn’t been properly digested. Sit down for your meals, preferably with friends or family members, chew slowly and enjoy your food. This is a mindful practice that won’t cost you an arm and leg to achieve – just time and patience, which is worth factoring into your day.

Choose your workouts wisely

Find mindfulness with an exercise like yoga which requires discipline from the mind to focus on one thing. In our busy lives, yoga is a truly wonderful way to tune out of your lists, schedules, plans and tune into your body and breath. Yoga discourages you to think of anything else but your breath and presence. It’s very rewarding to find such balance and feel like you’ve hit the reset button on your day.

Yoga discourages you to think of anything else but your breath and presence.

Work smart

You may wonder how you could possibly fit mindfulness into your working day but thanks to the perks of the digital age, there are a number of apps to achieve just that. The Pomodoro technique helps to improve productivity by managing your tasks into timed blocks. With the multitude of distractions at work, being 100% present in our tasks is no easy feat. Another tip is to activate an automated email reply message, notifying people that you only check emails at particular times of the day. This will help establish a more mindful approach to your work and may improve your time management and productivity too.

Start colouring

Colouring is not just child’s play but can be yours too. Adult colouring books can help soothe anxiety, eliminate stress and allow you to become more mindful. According to Dymocks, 140,000 adult colouring books have been sold since April. By working with your hands, you are inspired to take a break from the always-on digital world, to draw upon your creativity and hone your focus. Colouring is also a fun and easy way to check in and relax the mind if you struggle to meditate. Emma Farrarons’ latest book More Mindfulness Colouring features delicately hand-drawn scenes from nature and the decorative world for you to mindfully and creatively fill with colour. Download a printable illustration from Emma Farraron’s latest book and try it for yourself! Just a few minutes of colouring a day can increase your peace and calm exponentially.

Colouring is also a fun and easy way to check in and relax the mind if you struggle to meditate.

*See printable illustration from the new More Mindfulness Colouring book by Emma Farrarons, below*

Switch off before you sleep

Once upon a time we switched off our phones at night and read before bed. Now we find ourselves checking emails right before the lights are off which inhibits our potential for optimal rest. It has been shown that the bright light from your phone, tablet or computer may disrupt your natural circadian system which suppresses your melatonin levels – the hormone which induces sleep. For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and find it hard to switch off before bed, try lying at the end of the bed that meets the wall and raise your legs to rest against the wall at a right angle. This is a restorative pose which can help you reconnect with your body. Take the time to breath deeply and resist the temptation to peruse social media while lying there.

More Mindfulness Colouring - Sp 2 With Footer




  • Lauren
    October 30, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    I love this. I will have to start colouring, I never would have thought about doing that to relax. Great tips

    Lauren x

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