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Welcome to Eco Beauty Editor

Eco Beauty Editor is a leading resource of holistic and natural beauty information, news, inspiration, interviews and reviews.

This site is dedicated to helping you cut through the natural beauty confusion, save time and question what it is you’re told by mainstream media.

Eco Beauty Editor is also about supporting you in your journey to self-acceptance and discovering the truth: you were beautiful all along.

It’s Important to Know…

Natural and organic skincare and cosmetics are a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle—not a miracle cure for ageing or a fast-track to high self-esteem.

Choosing to live a natural, organic lifestyle, from the the foods you eat to the products you put on your skin, will reap many rewards, well beyond your reflection in the mirror—it also doesn’t need to be an overnight overhaul. Every small step you take adds up, helping you and the planet.

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