Green Your Routine

green your routine

Are you ready to feel authentically beautiful, from the inside out?

Have you often thought about changing up your routine to be more kind to the environment and you, but don’t have a clue where to start?

Do you want to develop more self-confidence and feel more “authentically you”, from the inside out?

I developed the 21-day Green Your Routine program to not only support you overhauling your beauty, skincare and personal products, but also to give you real tools to help you feel more grounded and beautiful—literally from the inside out.

Your Lifestyle Detox: Green Your Routine

While so many of us focus on detoxing from chemicals in our food, what about the health-disrupting chemicals in our cosmetics and skincare? It’s estimated the average woman applies 515 chemicals to her body a day. It’s a burden on our overall health that can lead to dis-ease.

In the words of naturopath, medical herbalist and wholefood chef, Janella Purcell: “Taking these unnecessary and toxic chemicals out of your life will free up your organs of elimination, allowing them to detox more efficiently.”

Showing Up as the Real You

Everyone has a social mask, but don’t wish you could walk into the world being the very person you know you really are? It doesn’t have to be a wish. It is possible to show up as the real you, without feeling like you have to pretend to be anything other than YOU.

I work with you and give you practical tools that you can use to feel more grounded, more confident and most importantly, more like the person you know you really are.

Green Your Routine is a bespoke service, where I work with you one-on-one to overhaul your skincare, beauty and personal care products specific to your needs and lifestyle. It is also designed to help you feel more confident in your own skin, through support and practical tools.

Think of Green Your Routine as your personal eco coach and life-stylist.

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