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King of Waxing: PHARO

August 22, 2016

Having spent a small fortune on waxing in my lifetime, I was intrigued by Phâro Sugaring.

My mother had used sugaring—the traditional method it is based on—which hailed in Egypt in the days of the Pharaoh and was a paste made from sugar, lemon and water. It was a relief to know the process has evolved and is much less painful and, most importantly, doesn’t cause any reactions for sensitive skin like mine.

Waxing, Naturally

My recent treatment was followed with the soothing Phâro Skin Perfecting Serum, which also has antibiotic properties.

Creator and Founder of Phâro Sugaring, Bernadette Soares, goes as far as to say Phâro converts report “up to 70 percent less discomfort than waxing” and the formula is eco-friendly as it’s chemical-free. Made in New Zealand, it contains natural ingredients including Manuka honey, aloe vera, kiwifruit and lemon.

What is Phâro Sugar Waxing?

“There are a number of differences between our products and waxes, even the so called ‘sugar wax’. Firstly there are no resins or chemicals, they are easier and eco friendly to clean up, are applied warm rather than hot so will not cause burning if applied correctly and will not remove a natural tan. The most obvious benefits that clients report are the fact that sugaring is significantly less painful than waxing, cleans up with water and leaves the skin soft, clean and smooth without irritation and redness.”

The Phâro Salon Sugaring System is available in more than 100 salons across Australia and New Zealand and the products are distributed to the UK, USA, Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain.



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