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An Iconic Kiwi Beauty: LINDEN LEAVES

December 12, 2017

Linden Leaves was one of the first brands that I was introduced to as a beauty editor—way back in 2005. It’s also one of the few that had an early impact on me.

With its family roots, attention to detail and ethical philosophy, Linden Leaves has always felt incredibly authentic—and importantly with products that deliver on their promise. It also didn’t hurt that they looked divine, with nature right there floating in the bottle, from gold flakes to lavender sprigs.

So you can imagine I was excited to hear the brand had released a Natrue certified line, featuring a complete beauty routine with utterly no nasties; that is, all natural, all nourishing and no animal testing.

It’s not often a brand makes it into my regular beauty routine, because the sheer amount of products I’m regularly trying. However, the Linden Leaves Nature range has me besotted.

My favourite right now being the Balancing Toner with Pohutakawa and Chamomile (see below). After cleansing, simply spritz over the face and neck. It leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated It also boasts a delicate scent that I’m completely in love with (you’ll see what I mean when you try it).


Mother and daughter team, Brigit and Juliet Blair both have so much passion for and dedication to the brand that started in the family kitchen in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1995—initially to help care for Brigit’s two children who suffered severe eczema and allergies.

Back then, natural and effective products that were kind to sensitive skin were hard to find, and so “out of necessity”, Linden Leaves was born.

Brigit began harvesting and freeze-drying roses; blending fruit and flower oils with the unique scent of essential oil blends. It became a labour of love for Brigit, who set out to create beautiful, effective and quality handmade natural products that were kind to the skin.

From that humble family kitchen operation, Linden Leaves has expanded into an internationally recognised brand known for its natural everyday luxury handmade products.

Devoted to effective, natural products created from the best quality ingredients, Brigit’s vision for Linden Leaves has always been focused on beautiful, effective and gentle products to nourish the skin and soothe the soul.

Juliet Blair Linden Leaves

I recently caught up with Brigit (pictured above) to get a behind-the-scenes look at one of my favourite beauty brands.

If you’ve been lucky enough to try the Linden Leaves Natrue certified range, please leave your experience in the comments!

Brigit Blair Linden Leaves

Brigit Blair

What is a typical day like at Linden Leaves?

Enjoyable, challenging, busy, rewarding and setting the platform for the next day! I enjoy the privilege of an inspiring team, a culture of striving for quality performance across the brand and customer satisfaction, so keeping motivated is no problem.

I’m based in the Christchurch office which is our production and despatch centre for domestic and export orders and there is plenty of activity. I regularly co-ordinate with our CEO, marketing and product design which are based in our Auckland office. Effective communication is significantly important.

What are the majority of your customers looking for with skincare?

To have a radiant, healthy, youthful looking skin. While we all age and should do so gracefully, our skincare range offers a personalised daily solution for delaying the ageing process in a natural and sensible way. Our customers are looking for an uncomplicated, effective range that can be used for daily maintenance or as a treatment range for specific challenges.

How do you separate family and business time?

There are no defined lines. As my children have grown up with the business over the last 20 years they are interested and knowledgeable and I enjoy their thoughts and perspective. It is just one of many topics we discuss and there is always time for my husband, children and grandchildren to share fun and experiences together with no mention of business.

How has the family influence helped define the brand?

My initial interest in ingredients and products was from a desire to find natural alternatives to the harsh pharmaceuticals that were prescribed for two of my children who had very sensitive and challenged skin combined with many allergies and eczema.

I guess we have always been a family interested in pushing the boundaries, exploration and with a strong sense of design and aesthetics. These traits have been melded somewhat subconsciously into the brand.

Linden Leaves Skincare Range Image with NATRUE Logo 4 - Copy

What process does a Natrue Certified product go through?

A detailed and lengthy process examining every ingredient and particularly how the extract, oil or juice is obtained from the seed, stem or leaf.

The European standard Natrue Certification gives confidence that the finished product is 100 percent natural and contains no synthetic fragrances, no petroleum derived products, no silicon oils or derivatives, no genetically modified ingredients, no irradiation of botanical ingredients or end product and no products are tested on animals.

Are all the products formulated in New Zealand?

Yes. All our products are formulated and made in New Zealand. This is an important part of our story.

What are the benefits people could expect from the Natrue Certified range?

A nourished, healthier, more youthful skin through gentle, natural ingredients that nourish, heal and protect the skin from sun damage and premature ageing.

There are a range of carefully selected active ingredients to help minimise collagen loss and elastin fibres, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, clear clogged pores and balance the skin. The benefits enhance a youthful, vibrant, healthy looking skin giving confidence and happiness.

What are your favourite Natrue certified products from the range and why?

Our miraculous facial oil is my “go to” favourite. Our organic white tea infused rosehip and evening primrose oil is rich in anti-oxidants to neutralise and protect against free radical damage and protect the proteins of the skin matrix.

I use it daily in the mornings by blending a drop into my moisturiser and 3-4 times a week at night by massaging a few drops into my face and neck. It definitely keeps my skin in good condition.

linden leaves

It is hard to choose favourites but I am loving the results of the Regenerating Elixir. The rich concentrate of organic white tea and kiwi fruit extract helps combat dehydration and the first signs of ageing. It feels to be well absorbed, giving my skin a lovely glow, life and energy.

It is magic when you want tired and dull looking skin to disappear! I either add it to my moisturiser, instead of or with the drop of facial oil, and 1-2 times a week add a drop to my night facial oil treatment.

linden leaves

Find out more about Linden Leaves here.

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