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Is Jurlique Natural? Here’s The Answer

August 10, 2014
Is Jurlique natural? The company is transparent about what ingredients it uses in its popular skincare formulations.

Is Jurlique natural?

There’s always chatter between natural health and beauty enthusiasts about what’s truly natural and what’s not. Ingredient lists can be downright confusing, while marketing hype and nature-inspired labeling not always delivering on what they promise.

While I have always been stringent about only covering beauty products that are 100 percent natural, I think it’s also a good idea to tell the story of those that are almost natural, or have a few completely natural products in their line, as it’s often these brands that we have the most questions about. Are they really natural? Like really natural?

One such brand I’ve often been asked about is Jurlique, the beauty brand that first bloomed in Australia’s Adelaide Hills, based on biodynamic farming principles.

So, is Jurlique natural?

Is Jurlique Natural? Here’s the Answer:

While Jurlique’s essential oils, essential oil blends and Jojoba Oil are 100 percent natural, according to the company, the remainder of their product range are not entirely made of natural ingredients. Yet, it’s worth noting that their mission is to use at least 95% natural ingredients in all of their products.

The company’s horticultural specialist, Marc Intervera, and education specialist, Danielle Williams shared the company’s stance on natural, why some of their ingredients aren’t and what they’re doing to give back to the environment.

According to Jurlique, what does natural skincare science specifically refer to?

Natural skin care science refers to the use of sophisticated formulation technology to create skin care from biodynamic, organic and natural ingredients. Jurlique’s trademarked Bio-Intrinsic process is a prime example of this. We use an ancient practice, contemporised, to maximise the potency of our pure biodynamic plants grown on the Jurlique farm. The end result is a product that is high in botanical activity and of the premium, high standards of aesthetics that our customers enjoy.

Which Jurlique products are, without question, 100% natural?

Jurlique’s essential oils, essential oil blends and Jojoba Oil are all 100% natural.

Why aren’t all products in the Jurlique range 100% natural?

Jurlique skin care products are based on natural and plant-based ingredients. Our goal is to create truly effective, potent skin care products that are as natural as possible. While our aim is to always use natural ingredients, it is sometimes necessary to use non-natural (synthetic) ingredients to ensure that our products are effective for our consumers and of a superior quality.

Is Jurlique natural? Jurlique skin care products are based on natural and plant-based ingredients.

How has the range changed over the years? Did it start as all-natural?

The Jurlique brand has evolved over the past 29 years from a small range to well over 100 products! As with any good research and development new discoveries occur along the way and technical advances are made.

Our original formulations are no exception, and as our product development team continue to make advances in formulation expertise, we have been able to perfect our skin care. As time passes we continually innovate our range to be as natural as possible at all times and strive to use more than 95% natural ingredient content, which we regularly exceed.

Why were synthetic ingredients added?

Synthetic ingredients such as preservatives are used in Jurlique products to ensure the products are of a superior quality and are effective for our customers. Any synthetic ingredient used in Jurlique products is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), does not form part of any banned substance list and is to be used within regulatory and safety limits to ensure market compliance. Jurlique is very mindful of the earth with its biodynamic farming practices.

While our aim is to always use natural ingredients, it is sometimes necessary to use non-natural (synthetic) ingredients to ensure that our products are effective for our consumers and of a superior quality.

Is Jurlique natural?

Does this mean there are no pesticides used on crops that end up in Jurlique products?

Yes this is correct; Biodynamic farming is about growing plants and food sources in a holistic environment in cooperation with nature with minimal impact on the earth. Biodynamic and organic farming, does not involve the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertiliser. The aim is to continually improve the quality of the soil health increasing its fertility, using plant rotations incorporated with sound environmental practices in a holistic approach. On a biodynamic farm the welfare of both the producer and the consumer of the products is aimed to conserving natural resources for the benefit of all future generations.


This does not mean we don’t have any pest issues, it how we deal with them that is important. What we do is look at the farm holistically encouraging biodiversity, which means having a balance of pest and predators around. For example in the spring when the first rose buds emerge the aphids love to visit and eat the fresh sap from the newly emerging shoots. What we do is place sticky traps (like fly traps) near the plants, the aphids fly around and they get caught. Then as the weather warms up we remove the sticky traps and let the Ladybugs emerge eat the aphids. No need for sprays. What we do is a holistic approach to managing our farm following the realms of nature.

The end goal is to produce the highest quality products that are as natural as possible, while simultaneously benefiting and protecting the environment so our impact on the earth kept to a minimum.

Is Jurlique natural? The answer is yes—and no.

Any synthetic ingredient used in Jurlique products is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), does not form part of any banned substance list and is to be used within regulatory and safety limits to ensure market compliance.

How important is organic and natural to Jurlique?

Biodynamic and organic certification of farm grown products is what we do and who we are. Since Jurlique’s inception in 1985 we have always grown and been certified biodynamic and organic with NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia). This is because the Kleins believed they could not create the best skin care products on earth without using biodynamic and organic ingredients. Today like then we still believe this using the same techniques, though on a bigger scale.

How natural are fragrances used in Jurlique products?

Fragrances used in Jurlique products are derived from natural essential oils with the components extracted from distillation, expression and solvent extraction methodologies. We do not accept fragrances containing nitromusks, polycyclic musks, phthalates or fragrance creations that are strictly artificial.

What preservatives do Jurlique choose to use with their products?

Jurlique products, other than our 100% natural oils mentioned earlier, contain a preservative in order to protect our products from microbial contamination. Jurlique only uses preservatives that are accepted within a country’s regulatory environment. Phenoxyethanol and Sodium Dehydroacetate are the most commonly used preservatives in Jurlique products.

Jurlique does some great work with the environment, can you speak a little bit about your latest initiatives?

  • Tree Planting Day (2012 & 2013)

Jurlique employees worked together to enhance and increase our current re-vegetation project on Herb Farm (in association with PlanetArk National Tree Day).

o      Total trees planted to date in revegetation project = 10,000 trees

o      Total tonnes of CO2-e abated over a 30 year period = ~1,666t

  • Waste Management Program

At Jurlique, we are constantly looking for new ways to minimise our waste to landfill and to ensure that as much of our waste as possible is either avoided, reduced, reused or recycled. We have a waste monitoring system is on place, which monitor 20 different waste types. Moreover, Jurlique Green Team created a waste management video which describes how to recycle the waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

As a result, over 90% of Jurlique’s production site total waste is being reused, recycled or energy recovered in 2013.

  • Carbon Monitoring Program

Jurlique monitors the overall environmental impact of our production sites (factory and farm) and identify potential projects/initiatives to reduce overall environmental impact.

  • Packaging Sustainability

Jurlique has been a long term signatory to Australian Packaging Covenant. We are committed to increase the recyclability of our packaging materials, using low impact materials and proactively communicate recycling information with customers. We also use mini Life Cycle Assessment tool to minimise environmental impacts of our packaging.

  • Environmentally Friendly Commuting Challenge

Jurlique Green Team encourages everyone to reduce our impact on the environment.  One way we can reduce our footprint is lowering car emissions.

Jurlique’s target 2014 is “Everyone at Jurlique commute to work by either public transport, carpool, bicycle or walk once a month”.

What is planned for Jurlique within the natural and organic realm?

We have an exciting range of new botanicals from the farm that will elevate innovation in new product launches. Stay tuned for our next launch.

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  • Janice Lester
    January 28, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    I have just heard that Jurlique products are tested on animals in China. Would you please tell me if this is true. I do not want to buy any skin products that are tested on animals as this is so cruel to defenceless animals. I will not buy any more of your products until you can guarantee to me that no animal testing is involved in your products. Janice Lester

    • Shannon
      April 28, 2015 at 6:26 am

      Hi Janice, thanks for your question. This is from Jurlique’s website, stating they are strictly against all animal testing, and only work with human volunteers. So safe to say you can continue buying Jurlique.

  • Madeleine
    May 19, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Shannon and Janice,

    Any skin care products entering China from Australia ARE still tested on animals as part of their local laws. Whilst Jurlique are encouraged to hear they are implementing changes to this requirement, this has yet to extend to imported cosmetics and skin care products.
    Jurlique products made and sold within Australia are not tested on animals.

    Hope this helps with your enquiry.


    • Shannon
      June 27, 2015 at 7:52 pm

      Hi Madeleine, thanks so much for shedding some light on this. I hadn’t heard about the China/Australia relationship in regards to animal testing, so am definitely going to be doing some research! Thanks again x

  • Shannon
    July 13, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Hi Madeleine and Janice, I followed up with Jurlique and this is their response:

    “In Australia Jurlique products are not tested on animals at any stage of their development but in China, which is a major export market for Jurlique, they do require products to be tested on animals. However, a major change happened in July last year when China stopped requiring animal testing for domestic manufacturers who produce cosmetics. Jurlique hopes this shift will be extended to all manufacturers. It is working closely with its Chinese partners to help ensure alternative testing methods are utilised as soon as they are approved.”

    I’m going to stay in touch with Jurlique to receive updates about this and will keep you posted.

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