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Good For You Glamour: INIKA

April 10, 2011
miranda bond

Our most challenging times can often be blessings in disguise: a push, albeit uncomfortable, to help us break through barriers, reach new heights or even realise our true potential.

Miranda Bond was faced with her own challenge when diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that makes conceiving, more-often-than-not, impossible. In search of treatment, what she discovered was not only a cure to her long-time illness, but a new-found passion to help others achieve a new sense of wellbeing, teaching them how to rid the toxins from their life.

Not only did she give birth to a beautiful daughter, but she also gave life to a beauty brand that’s attracting a big fan base of women who are looking for authentic natural products.

I caught up with Miranda Bond, the organic beauty entrepreneur, to find out about her journey that resulted in development of mineral makeup company, INIKA.

What prompted you to start INIKA?

After suffering for many years from endometriosis, I picked up a book by Dr. Sherrill Sellman called, The Hormone Heresy. The book suggested I could restore the balance of my endocrine system by changing my diet, eliminating chemicals in the daily products I used and using a natural progesterone cream. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I resolved to following all of the guidelines in the book- which included throwing out all of my makeup, and within three months, I was pregnant!

After the birth of my daughter in 2002, my endometriosis cleared up completely. I was absolutely amazed and resolved to focus my life on educating and empowering women to take control of their health by limiting toxins they put into their bodies and by seeking out natural options where possible.

I started giving community workshops on toxic free living through which I met Jenni Williams, whose son suffered from severe allergies. In 2005, we formed Thriving Healthy Women, a web site dedicated to providing information and resources on women’s health and toxic free living. After being bombarded by emails from women searching for an all-natural cosmetics brand, Miranda and Jenni decided to create their own all natural makeup brand, one that women could use freely and recommend to other women living with similar limitations. The result was INIKA cosmetics, 100% natural makeup brand incorporating mineral, vegan and organic products that are devoid of synthetic chemicals and instead contain only the finest most natural ingredients.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We use the highest quality safest ingredients featuring organic Australian botanicals and pure minerals.

How is your brand different to some others on the market?

In an industry that is still largely unregulated and rife with green washing, it can be difficult for consumers to make informed choices about what to use on their skin. Unlike so many so called natural brands, INIKA products are guaranteed to be completely free from harsh petrochemicals, fillers, talc, bismuth oxycholoride, GMO ingredients, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, phthalates and fragrances. All products are no-comedogenic which means that they will not clog pores and are so gentle that women who have suffered for years can now discover a whole new world of makeup and glamour without the risk of reaction. I believe in glamour that is good for you! We can stand behind our products and say they are of the highest quality and as natural as you can possibly find.

Are there any famous faces wearing INIKA?

INIKA can be seen on the beautiful faces of Jessica Marais, Jaime King, Melissa George, Samantha Harris, Carrie Bickmore and many more.

How do you feel about nano particles?

INIKA does not use nano particles! We do not like the idea of any chemicals entering our blood stream and stay far away from them. In fact we are to our knowledge the only mineral makeup company in the world that specifies the size of our microns or particles to ensure that ingredients like titanium dioxide are not absorbed by the skin.

What’s the best beauty tip anyone ever gave you?

Be good to your skin, don’t use harsh chemicals and drink plenty of water.

What’s one beauty product you can’t do without?

I could not live without my INIKA certified organic Liquid Mineral Foundation – I call it my anti – aging foundation because it gives such a youthful healthy glow to the skin!

Congrats on your InStyle magazine Award nomination for best organic beauty brand. What does it mean to you?

This nomination means the absolute world to me. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to reach so many more women and educate them on toxic free living. I am honoured, thrilled and so grateful to be placed next to other such inspiring women. I hope that this motivates all of InStyle’s readers to follow their dreams and advocate for what they believe in.

What do you believe is the secret to your success?

Perseverance. After speaking to numerous women and doing copious amounts of research on harmful chemicals and ingredients, we did not stop until we made the finest and most natural cosmetics available. We never stop listening to our customers and are always evolving.

How do you define true beauty?

Beauty is difficult to define, however I think that the core foundation consists of compassion, love and confidence. I don’t want to sound too cliche, but it is true that what is on the inside counts. If you have a beautiful and kind spirit, then you radiate beauty. I think that using natural and gentle products that are nice to your skin and the environment also factor in to the whole beauty package.

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Life… is to be enjoyed – don’t waste a second of it!
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