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High Vibrational Beauty: GEMSTONE ORGANIC

July 8, 2015
gemstone organic

High vibrational beauty is a standard that can be claimed by few skincare companies. From inception, the intention, integrity and innovation behind Californian skincare range, Gemstone Organic, has set it apart from even the natural beauty crowd. This is raw, activated beauty, says founder Debra; handmade skincare that goes well beyond simply chemical-free.

It was 10 years ago that Debra crossed paths with Sara, with the pair lovingly describing their union as “moon mother and daughter”.

It was an instant bond of spiritual and entrepreneurial calling—a connection that has manifested as a brand that goes far beyond hydration and wrinkle reducing.

Gemstone Organic comes with an intention: of balance, harmony and beauty. Essential oils, gemstone essences and plant waters (hydrosols) are at the heart of each product, formulated with food-grade ingredients.

“We find that these elements love working together in this group of three and actually become more effective and vibrate at a higher level than they would on their own,” says Debra, a shamanic Reiki practitioner, Chief Alchemist and developer of the advanced earth-based formulas.

She says her love of the earth goes back to childhood; collecting rocks in the gravel pits of northern Minnesota with her family. It was when Debra became a mother, her deep love for all that nature offered in plants, gemstones and spirituality continued to blossom.

It was an instant bond of spiritual and entrepreneurial calling—a connection that has manifested as a brand that goes far beyond hydration and wrinkle reducing

“Over time, my passion for crystals and earth-medicine grew as did my recipes for health and body care. The day I decided to combine my botanical skincare formulas with the powerful gemstone elixirs was the day magic was born!”

Meanwhile, Sara says she was born “an earth warrior” and dreamed about going into medicine.

“When I found Gemstone Organic, I knew immediately I was meant to be the voice of this cosmic skin and soul revolution,” she says.

A vegetarian and activist since 10, her passion for taking care of Mother Earth and her creatures was obvious. It was her parents’ journeys with cancer that prompted her non-toxic, holistic and preventative-medicine lifestyle. With a background in energy medicine, gemstone healing and gemstone jewellery now compliments the work she does with this very special brand.

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After discovering Gemstone Organic, I couldn’t wait to find out more about the soul sisters behind the brand. Our chat is below. Debra and Sara are also gifting a Gemstone Organic Rose Quartz Creme to a lucky Eco Beauty Editor reader. Simply comment below, explaining why you’d love to experience it for yourself. Also, sign up for the Eco Beauty Editor newsletter for chances to win more great eco beauty products.

How did Gemstone Organic start?

Gemstone Organic started out of a love for gemstones and holistic living. After years of using gemstones—wearing them, sleeping with them, drinking gem elixirs—it only made sense to add them to the skincare we were making. We were so excited to know that it would be beneficial to our bodies, inside and out! After using these products and receiving so many compliments and questions from friends on what we were using on our skin, we knew that we couldn’t keep the secret any longer. The magic needed to be shared and the Gemstone Organic line was created.

Why is it different to a lot skincare?

The number one difference is in our ingredients! All of our products are raw and made with food-grade ingredients. We use no preservatives, alcohols, or additives. We are purists when it comes to only using organically certified ingredients that are there to heal your skin.

When we are balanced holistically, when we are grounded, present and loving ourselves, we glow from within

The other reason we stand out from the crowd is our philosophy on our Radically Holistic Beauty Movement. The first priority is to help your skin heal through using products: healthy skin is beautiful skin! Next is to be balanced holistically, and that is what the gemstone essence brings. We truly believe that our individual beauty comes from within. When we are balanced holistically, when we are grounded, present and loving ourselves, we glow from within. That is Radically Holistic Beauty!

gemstone organic

What crystals are particularly beneficial for beauty purposes? 

We have been using gemstones in our beauty routines for so long and are happy to see this concept becoming more popular and mainstream. There are so many skin-healing crystals out there, and we use several of them in our products. Here are three of our favorites and a few of their properties when it comes to skin:

Jade – stimulates healing, promotes circulation

Gold – for smooth skin, anti-aging

Ruby – detoxifies the blood, clears complexion

We choose the gemstones based on their skin healing properties as well as what they do for the soul… it’s this combination of inner and outer beauty that we really love to share with the world.

gemstone organic

How is Gemstone Organic formulated?

We use a powerful trifecta formula in all of our skincare:


This magical combination includes a variety of earth-based ingredients like the essential oils, gemstone essences and hydrosols (plant waters) used in every product. We find that these elements love working together in this group of three and actually become more effective and vibrate at a higher level than they would on their own.

How do you preserve the products naturally?

They are not preserved—they are RAW!

The essential oils in our crèmes and lotion do help to prevent spoilage, but our passion is creating fresh skincare (batches are made every two weeks) that contains live, active nutrients for your skin. Once something is preserved, in our opinion, it begins to lose its high vibrational energy. This energy is vital to our wellbeing! We try to stay away from most preserved/processed foods and the same goes for our skincare. Of course, if you want to keep the products past their shelf life you can always store them in the fridge, like you would any raw food products.

gemstone organic

What are the main benefits someone might experience when using Gemstone Organic?

Our line was developed with something to benefit every skin type, age and circumstance. Our five signature face crèmes each contain their own healing properties and can help in so many ways, from brightening to balancing skin, clearing blemishes and skin conditions and soothing irritated, aggravated skin. The same applies to our Gem Juice toners.

 Once something is preserved, in our opinion, it begins to lose its high vibrational energy

If you ever need help deciding which combination is best for you, just ask!

Our full body lotion was designed to be healing to all skin, from babies to grandmas! Everyone is loving their results from this magic potion lotion.

You moved to LA specifically to continue development and growth of your brand. Why?

There is an amazing movement going on around the world, towards greener living and holistic health. We felt the pull coming from Los Angeles and just love how receptive and progressive this city is when it comes to wellness. The constant sunshine and mesmerizing roar of the ocean definitely helped make the decision easier.

gemstone organic

What does a typical day look like for you as you build the business?

There is no such thing as a typical day when you are building a business! We do spend a lot of our time connecting and being hands on with our customers. We are finding more and more people with unresolved skin issues and we are always here to help. That’s something that is really important to us, even as we grow bigger. Other than that we are visiting with our stores, doing demos and stirring up fresh batches of skincare.

What’s your own beauty philosophy and why?

We believe in what we call Radically Holistic Beauty. In our everyday lives we get constantly bombarded physically and emotionally. We’re bombarded by pollution, politics and planetary movements. Where we can find the balance is within. When we nurture our internal relationship, our self-love, and take care of our emotional and energetic (chakra) bodies we grow the light within. It’s this light that gives us our radiance, our glow. And this glow is our unique Radically Holistic Beauty!

gemstone organic

What process did you have to go through to get Gemstone Organic USDA Organic Certified?

From the start of our company we have only sourced 100% organic ingredients, which makes the process of becoming certified much easier. Once you apply, the certifier tracks your ingredients and your inventory. We think this is a great way to assure our customers that we are honest in our practices and that we carefully source all of our ingredients. We are now using more ingredients that are certified bio-dynamic as well, and love that this means we are working together with mother earth’s natural rhythms.

gemstone organic

Where can we buy Gemstone Organic?

We will be expanding our number of stores throughout California this summer, and then across the rest of the world soon! Until then the best place to buy is online, where we ship internationally as well:

Debra and Sara Gemstone Organic_Eco_Beauty_Editor

gemstone organic

  • Morgan Crump
    July 9, 2015 at 12:12 am

    Having heard about Gemstone Organic from some very happy customers in Illinois, I’m so excited to see their message is steadily growing beyond the wonderful West Coast! Although many have yet to learn about the amazing properties of their ingredients, the organic movement seems to gaining speed and I can’t wait to see how far Debra and Sara are able to take it in the future. Someday soon I hope to order all of their amazing gem juices and some of their awesome smelling lotions…especially their ruby creme!

    • Shannon
      July 9, 2015 at 5:36 am

      It is gaining speed Morgan isn’t it – exciting times!

  • April Angel
    July 10, 2015 at 12:47 am

    High vibrational skincare sounds like such a beautiful idea. I would love to try the Rose Quartz lotion as I developed adult acne 4 years ago and am looking for every way to create balance in my life. I have a four month old and a seven year old and it’s tough to be great to yourself when life is always busy. Also, my dreams are telling me that I have spiritual gifts that I need to develop (like channeling and hands on healing) so the higher the vibrations I can surround myself with, the better. (Pointing to an unbalanced heart as first issue to clear). I love analyzing dreams and study it vocociously, so feel free to send me some for analysis if you’re so inclined!

    • Shannon
      July 10, 2015 at 11:32 am

      Hi April, I hear you re busy mama duties! It can be a challenge to take time for yourself, I know. I’ve found balance is a journey and not a destination – it’s something we always have to work at I think! Although it definitely makes it easier with beautiful skincare like Gemstone Organic 🙂 All the best with your dreams (very exciting) and good luck! x

  • Valerie Sanchez
    July 10, 2015 at 1:07 am

    As a holistic fitness Nia Technique instructor it is my calling to read and learn more about alternative options for accomplishing good health & well-being. I see myself not only as movement facilitator but also an ambassador for all things holistic. I decided to back-packed around the world for 2 years to deepen my relationship with myself, the world and my Nia practice. Luckily for me, along the way I was privileged enough to call Australia my home for 11 months (that’s how I found EcoBeautyEditor). I find this website and blog keep me attached and present with Australia. I am so happy to see a company like Gemstone Organic thrive! I look forward to following both “moon mother and daughter” through their magical journey. I would love the opportunity to try their products, it is safe to say they have a new follower, me!

    Thanks Shannon! Sending positive vibes from Florida!
    -Nia with Valerie Sanchez

    • Shannon
      July 10, 2015 at 11:38 am

      Hi Valerie, I’ve not heard about Nia Technique. Love to find out more. Your world journey sounds incredible. Life changing I’m sure! That’s wonderful you got to call Australia home for a little while and glad the website was helpful. Lovely to hear from you and sending positive vibes right back via a very chilly NZ! x

  • Theresa
    July 22, 2015 at 9:46 am

    In the beginning of the year, I received an aura reading that displayed an amazing ombre of reds and yellows, enlightening me on the hard working, motivated, and ambitious focus I have. As creative and concentrated on my career, I was also very stressed. I asked the aura reader for a recommendation on a healing stone in which she replied, “You need more love in your life. Take this rose quartz – it will help you become more aligned with your heart chakra and communicating your emotions.”

    The rose quartz was my first healing stone I ever purchased and definitely not the last. That aura reading launched a new phase in my life, filled with compelling focus on…me. From yoga and meditation to sound baths and isolation tanks, I was able to really get a sense of who I am, what I wanted to be, and what holistic efforts were needed to becoming a more balanced and loving person. I treasure that stone and am completely ecstatic to hear about skincare that combines my love for rose quartz and taking care of myself, inside and out. xox

    • Shannon
      July 24, 2015 at 1:55 pm

      Thanks so much for sharing your story Theresa. And good luck! x

  • Shana Wright
    July 27, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    I’m very interested in gemstones, their benefits and how much they have to offer that is undiscovered by so many. I want to treat my body better, having a history of addiction. In addition I want to help my 4 year old son start a healthy lifestyle as well. I’m so grateful I discovered your website through Instagram! ♡ @swright3378

    • Shannon
      July 29, 2015 at 10:46 am

      And I’m so grateful that you’ve taken the time to visit Shana! Wishing you only the best with your journey <3

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