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Smooth Transition to Lipsticks: BURT’S BEES

March 24, 2016
burts bees lipstick

While all-day lipstick may be appealing, it begs the question of what chemicals keep it on all day?

With Burt’s Bees recent foray into natural lipstick, the question of the chemicals women inadvertently expose themselves to through make-up was revisited.

Speaking at the launch of Burt’s Bees Lipstick Range (100% natural) – “The Lipstick That Loves You Back”, Australian born make-up artist and beauty expert Heidi Scarlett King estimated that “women actually consumer three to four kilograms of lipstick in a lifetime.”

King, whose works has spanned the fashion and cosmetics industries in the UK, Europe and Australia, described Burt’s Bees as the “good guys of beauty”.

With 14 fresh and versatile shades, such as the earthy Sunset Cruise or striking Magenta Rush, the range doesn’t stay on all day but is nourishing and eliminates the need to combine lipstick with a lip balm to avoid dry lips.

Our plan for the future is to give our consumer a natural option to all their beauty needs and become a true beauty, colour and cosmetics brand.

Fiona Mendonca, Burt’s Bees’ National Business Manager, says the moisturising effect is achieved through a blend of lightweight oils, waxes and butters.

heidi scarlett king

Australian born make-up artist and beauty expert Heidi Scarlett King estimated that “women actually consumer three to four kilograms of lipstick in a lifetime.”

“We chose Moringa Oil, which is derived from a drought-resistant tree in tropical regions, as well as Red Raspberry Seed Oil, because both are rich in essential fatty acids.

Burt’s Bees Lipstick

We also formulated the lipsticks to include Vitamin E and Beeswax – two of our go-to lip care ingredients. Beeswax helps to lock in moisture, while allowing moisture from the atmosphere in, to help nourish delicate lip skin, which can dry out quickly on its own. We use tocopherol, a natural form of Vitamin E, for its richness in antioxidants,” Fiona said.

From a health perspective, Fiona explained the luscious shades were created with primarily mineral-based pigments, which comply with global regulatory guidance and legal limits.

“We adhere to the most rigorous standards set forth by global regulatory bodies. We continue to closely monitor emerging studies and evolving safety standards set forth by the scientific and regulatory communities to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products.”

On a broader level, the new range reflects a shift in women’s consuming habits as they examine and opt for non-toxic beauty products.

“The natural personal care category is growing in double digit growth and Burt’s Bees is following this trend and we are on track to finish this financial year ahead of this category growth,” Fiona outlined.

Emma McDermott, Consultant at All About Eve, a Sydney-based consultancy dedicated to helping companies understand female purchasing power, says the rise of “ethical consumerism” means natural is not just the domain of “eco warriors”.

With health as “the new social currency,” Emma pinpoints the flow-on effect to beauty products.

“As consumers change their relationship with chemicals, cleanliness and health in all aspects of their lives, it is having an amplified effect on the beauty sector.”

How much:

RRP $19.95

For more info on the range, check out the website here or phone: 1800 813 661

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