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Made by Mother Nature: SCOUT COSMETICS

May 29, 2018
scout cosmetics

From their breathable nail polish and superfood skincare to mineral makeup that delivers, there’s a lot to love about Australian beauty brand, SCOUT Cosmetics. Founded by Sylvie Hutchings in 2008, it’s a company with a transparent mission and ingredient list to match, giving discerning natural beauty lovers a brand they know they can trust. Yet, SCOUT Cosmetics was really founded Sylvie’s family’s kitchen when she was a child,…


Argan Oil Benefits + What to Know Before You Buy

May 24, 2018
Argan oil benefits numerous. However, you want to be sure what you're using is pure and ethically sourced.

It’s an oil most of us have heard about, but what are the true argan oil benefits? Read on to find out why it’s wise to understand the argan story before you buy, in order to reap its rewards. The “return to nature” beauty trend is unearthing some potent beauty elixirs, revered by cultures for thousands of years, with Morocco’s argan oil a buzz in beauty must-buys. Yet,…


How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes (Properly)

May 23, 2018
makeup brushes

Since I’m reviewing cruelty-free makeup brushes over on Instagram, it’s a good idea to share some information on how to clean them naturally, too. As much as it can feel like a hassle, it’s a smart move to get into the habit of cleaning all of your brushes regularly (of course depending on how often you use them). Bacteria can grow quickly thanks so sweat, dry skin and…


Kimmy Smith: Rediscover You After Baby

May 22, 2018
kimmy smith

f you’re putting priority on getting back into your skinny jeans post-birth, it’s time to give yourself a break, mama. While we’d all like to step back into our pre-birth wardrobe without so much as a sit-up, the reality is, we’ve been through almost a year of pregnancy—growing another human being—so what’s really needed is a need to drop expectations to fit a mould that was designed by society.…


Johnson’s Baby Relaunch: What Can We Expect?

May 18, 2018
Johnson's Baby relaunch. What can we expect from the formulations?

Johnson & Johnson are remaining somewhat tight-lipped about their plans to unveil a relaunch of their iconic Johnson’s baby skincare range. What is known: the formulations’ overhaul comes after a steep decline in sales (20 percent since 2011) and a major lawsuit that left the multinational pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods company $72 million out of pocket. Still, Johnson & Johnson remain a market leader, raking in a…


Natural Medicine Popularity on the Rise in Australia

May 17, 2018
natural medicine

Natural Medicine Week 21 – 27 May, 2018 Popularity of natural medicine and therapies in Australia continues to rise, with research showing more than 68 percent of Aussies have used at least one complementary medicine in the last 12 months[1], to support them with preventative health and wellbeing management. The news comes on the eve of the third annual Natural Medicine Week 21 – 27 May (2018), an…


RECIPE: What the Fast! Courgetti Carbonara

May 17, 2018

Choosing to lead a What the Fast! lifestyle doesn’t mean going without (see the interview with bestselling author of What the Fat? Dr Caryn Zinn at Super Fasting: The Key to Weight-loss and Longevity). On the contrary, you can expect wholefood deliciousness that tastes great and does your body good—just like the Courgetti Cabonara recipe below, created by Michelin-trained chef, Craig Rodger. This and more nutritious recipes can be found…

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Super Fasting: The Key to Weight-loss and Longevity

May 16, 2018

Paleo. Vegan. Vegetarian. Keto. Pegan. Low-carb. Sugar-free. So many diet options, but which one is right—or are they all wrong? Confusion around what to eat, how much and how often is rife, with every diet type seemingly attached to an expert who tells you their way is THE way. When there are so many dietary gurus touting the latest and best way to eat, yet so many recommendations…


Meghan Markle’s Pre-Wedding Pamper Menu

May 15, 2018
meghan markle

Most brides get stressed in the lead up to their big day, but imagine if you were in Meghan Markle’s Manolo Blaniks, with the whole world watching… Besides the adrenalin rush of planning and organising, weddings put the couple squarely in the centre of attention. Suddenly being in the spotlight—with guests (and in Meghan’s case, the world) watching every loving glance and handhold—can be enough to put the…

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Best Natural Concealers: My Top 7 Picks

May 15, 2018
best natural concealers

Looking for the best natural concealers? Here are some of my top picks that deserve space in your make-up bag. Some days, we just need a little coverage to help us feel better, right?! Finding a natural formulation that provides good texture and coverage is a must when hunting for a concealer. The whole point of this widely-adored beauty product, is it needs to be thicker than everyday…


Cruelty-Free Beauty with Jen Mathews

May 10, 2018
cruelty-free beauty

Natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty. Three simple little terms that can actually require a decent amount of expertise, if you truly want to get down to the nitty-gritty of what’s really behind the labels. While natural skincare and cosmetics is a minefield of mis-information and greenwashing, there’s also a lot of confusion around vegan and cruelty-free beauty. Did you know both aren’t interchangeable? Conscious consumers who want guidance…


Why Forgiveness is the Key to True Happiness

May 8, 2018

There is a key within all of us that can lead to a fulfilling, balanced and productive life. Yet, it’s so simple at face value that it’s easy to ignore, dismiss, or even laugh it off. According to Doctor Ivan Figueroa-Otero, a former pediatric surgeon turned certified medical acupuncturist, the most important key to healing and balance—beyond the worlds of Eastern and Western medicine—is forgiveness. Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of…


Nature&Health Natural Baby Award Winners

May 3, 2018
baby award

Winners of the Nature&Health magazine Natural Baby Awards have just been announced, with an impressive lineup of good-for-bub natural and organic skincare to toxin-free toys and sleepwear. Read on to find out what products are safe to pop in your shopping basket… Toothpaste Winner: Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel, With calendula to keep gums and mouth healthy, and flavoured with peppermint and fennel essential oils. Highly commended: Dr Brite…


#LOVELIST: Orgonite Pyramids, an Acupressure Mat + More

May 2, 2018

From powerful energy protection and natural beauty to complete relaxation and personalised detoxing, here’s my latest #lovelist. Got something natural and organic that you’re loving right now? Please share in the comments! Ella Baché Botanical Skin Treatment Oil This week, iconic Australian beauty brand Ella Baché launches the all-natural, vegan Botanical Skin Treatment Oil—the first luxury skincare oil on the Australian market to harness the power of Byron Bay-sourced hemp…


How to Grow Truly Healthy Hair (Part IV)

May 1, 2018
hair type

To read part one of How to Grow Truly Healthy Hair, click here. To read part two, click here. To read part three, click here. Determining Your Hair Type  The level of care you need to give your locks can largely depend on the condition it’s already in and the type of hair you have. Washing oily hair too often can exacerbate the problem, while loading up dry hair…

Natural Beauty Brands

Inspired by Mum: MOOGOO SKINCARE

April 28, 2018

While the name would suggest it’s not vegan-friendly, most products in Australian skincare range MooGoo are, in fact, formulated with plant-based ingredients, with only a handful containing milk protein or honey. A favourite of those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriaris, MooGoo’s collection has grown dramatically since its humble beginnings in owner Craig Jones’ Perth kitchen. Now, it includes products across hair and scalp, body…

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How to (do your bit to) Create a Fashion Revolution

April 25, 2018
fashion revolution

It’s Fashion Revolution Week (until April 29) and there’s much you can do to get involved. Sustainable fashion blogger, Frederique Gulcher from My Good Emporium, equips you with everything you need to take action and be part of the revolution:  There are loads of ways that you join the revolution to change the fashion industry to one that is fair and transparent—empowering, even.  How to (do your bit…


How to Grow Truly Healthy Hair (Part III)

April 23, 2018
celebrity hair

To read part one of How to Grow Truly Healthy Hair, click here. To read part two, click here. Celebrity Hair Stylist Goes Natural Celebrity hair stylist and cruelty-free advocate Nicole Groch has developed a “no chemical” zone whenever she works, after falling ill from chemical styling products and heated styling tools—a combination she also says that fast tracks hair to becoming damaged. “As a freelance professional hair…


A Simple Morning Ritual to Supercharge Your Day

April 21, 2018

Somewhere along the line, life got busy. People to see, places to be, things to do, bills to pay, thoughts to think. At some point, most of us stopped making one-on-one time with ourselves to recharge, rejuvenate and reflect, yet, taking a few moments just for you could be the most important part of your every day: for your health, your happiness and your inner-harmony. While booking in…


Top 10 Chemicals to Avoid in Perfumes

April 19, 2018

As a beauty editor, I used to love when the latest mainstream perfumes would land on my desk for review. All dressed up, with promises of making you more popular, prettier and without a doubt more feminine. Who wouldn’t swoon? Yet, take away the packaging of most synthetic perfumes and what you’ll find is a toxic combination of chemicals that have been shown to cause a number of…

Natural Beauty Brands


April 19, 2018

Farmaesthetics founder Brenda Brock is widely considered a noted trailblazer in eco skincare. Daughter of a seventh generation Texas farming family, she has successfully translated her traditional herbal recipes from kitchen chemistry to modern cosmetic manufacturing. The result? A line of herbal products that compare in effectiveness with leading dermatological brands (without the toxins). All of Brenda’s formulations are made with whole herb and natural ingredients that retain their…

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Make Peace with the Mirror: A Workshop

April 17, 2018

Most of us have stood in front of the mirror and criticised what we see. Some of us have a hard time even looking. So was the case for holistic beauty expert and entrepreneur, Sam Sargent, the inspiring woman behind 100 percent natural skincare brand, Be Genki and online beauty marketplace, BeNaturallyou. At just 21, she had decided she could no longer make sense of her life and attempted…


Trudi Brewer and Her Beauty EQ

April 16, 2018

She is New Zealand’s go-to for all things beauty, but while Trudi Brewer’s work became best known in the country’s leading magazines, she is now commanding attention in the online space with Beauty EQ. Beauty EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) is where the much-loved beauty editor shares stories, tips, recommendations and trends—and it’s also responsible for catapulting her career to new heights. It was a strong desire to become…