Healing Prolapse: 100+ Affirmations for Your Journey Within

May 9, 2021
healing prolapse is possible

Healing prolapse. Is it possible? The answer lies completely with you. Do you believe it is possible? If you do, you have a powerful key to make profound changes in your life. Doctors didn’t believe in my body’s ability to heal a very symptomatic stage two uterine prolapse. I was told by the ER doctor it would need to be “stitched up at some point after you’ve finished…


Green Your Routine: An Invitation

July 11, 2020
how to do a vegan detox

Are you ready to feel authentically beautiful, from the inside out? Green Your Routine can help you do just that. Have you often thought about changing up your routine to be more kind to the environment and you, but don’t have a clue where to start? Green Your Routine is a program to help you make better choices for you and your family. Do you want to develop…


Artichoke Benefits & How to Prepare

October 29, 2018
Artichoke benefits are many. Learning to prepare them properly will reap big health benefits.

Artichoke benefits are plentiful—they an antioxidant powerhouse that add distinct flavour to dishes year-round. Not sure how to prepare them? Follow the step-by-step guide below and you’ll wonder why you didn’t add artichoke to your diet sooner. Once you master artichoke preparation, finding ways to incorporate this thistle into your favourite meals, from salads to soups, can become a much-loved culinary adventure. You don’t have to be a…


Blueberry Recipes to Kick-Start Spring

September 15, 2018

Berries are fantastic for overall health, but also rate highly on the beauty scale, thanks to their antioxidant profile (antioxidants are the things that ward off free radicals; the latter being what’s responsible for rapid ageing). The humble blueberry would have to be at the top of my favourite berry list. Here are two must-have blueberry recipes to welcome in the warmer weather. Enjoy! Blueberry & Chia Breakfast…


Clean Beauty Awards Launches

September 5, 2018
clean beauty awards

I’m honoured and excited to have been selected as an official judge in the 2018 CertClean Clean Beauty Awards. It is the first time the judges outside of North America have been chosen. Some entries have already landed on my desk and I’m about to start putting them to the test, looking at ingredients, of course, and if they actually do the job they’re marketed to do. Clean…

7 Best

7 Best Natural Dry Shampoos You Need to Try

August 16, 2018
Here's my top pick of the best natural dry shampoos.

Looking for the best natural dry shampoos? Not intended as a shampoo and conditioner replacement, dry shampoos are marketed as “in-between” beauty remedies that not only keep you looking fresher for longer, but are also said to foster healthier locks due to less washing. This of course is dependent on what ingredients are in your favourite dry shampoo. These new-age shampoos, which can range between $2.95 and $80…


Nursery Essentials for Better Sleep

August 7, 2018
nursery essentials

Parents can easily get focused on the latest nursery essentials and the the traditional must-haves, right? But there are two items you likely haven’t considered, but are actually, in my opinion, the most important additions to your baby’s room. The sheer amount of radiation we’re bathed in every single day—from wireless Wifi, mobile phones, wearable fitness trackers to cell phone towers and household electronics—needs to be a serious consideration when setting…

Natural Beauty Brands

For the Greater Good: ESSENCE OF HUMANITY

August 2, 2018
essence of humanity

There are natural skincare brands, then there is Essence of Humanity—a Kiwi-born brand developed by award-winning skincare creator, Stacey Fraser, who played a key role in the success of iconic natural beauty brand, Trilogy. What makes this brand special, beyond its divine formulations is that 100 percent of its profits directly benefit charity projects in Kenya and Tanzania; specifically those that help children and families escape poverty. Essence of Humanity…


Danny Pato: NZ Hairdresser of the Year (Again)

July 23, 2018
danny pato

e There’s a feeling of je ne sais quois when you walk into D&M Hair Design in Auckland’s trend-setter suburb of Ponsonby—but it’s not one of beauty industry superiority, despite the salon’s many successes. Stay a while and you’ll soon realise that hard-to-put-into-words “thing”, is actually a feeling of warmth amid passion… kind of like a big hug that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy after you…

Spas + Travel

Colorado, a Natural Wonderland You Need to Visit

July 19, 2018

I love a city adventure, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing more rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul than venturing to a Mother Nature wonderland, and Colorado is just that. A four-season destination, Colorado is all about adventure and fun amidst spectacular scenery. You’ll also discover a thriving arts scene, rich cultural heritage, divine cuisine, and renowned ski areas and resorts—28 of them to be exact.…

7 Best

7 Best Men’s Grooming Products

July 16, 2018

Does your partner/boyfriend/husband/friend steal your skincare? Are they one of the many men who are ditching our moisturiser in favour of grooming products formulated especially for them? It’s not an area I’ve spent a lot of time focused on, so it was very interesting when I started to look into the ingredients of the popular grooming products on the market. While men may not be as particular when…

Fashion People

Carol Sae-Yang on Eco Fashion Trends + Body Love

July 12, 2018
carol sae-yang

If there’s one woman I think of when it comes to impeccable taste, it’s Carol Sae-Yang. Once one of my favourite colleagues at Bride to Be magazine (about a gazillion years ago), Carol is now running a thriving business as a personal stylist after years of styling fashion spreads for magazines and newspapers. Her clients include the likes Miranda Kerr, Jessica Mauboy, David Wenham, Kate Waterhouse among many…


Janelle Brunton-Rennie, Living Consciously

June 27, 2018
janelle brunton-rennie

Janelle Brunton-Rennie is well-known in New Zealand—and not just for her PR agency, Media Jam. She is a publicist on a mission to promote businesses with a social and ethical conscience, all the while inspiring those who are keen to live consciously. Despite her many highs, with accolades for her publicity prowess and celebrations in her “former life” as a triathlete and bodybuilder, there have also been considerable lows:…


#LOVELIST: Purposeful Jewelry, an Enlightenment Festival + More

June 26, 2018

From a festival of enlightenment and a new yoga sanctuary to a wildflower oil you need to try, here’s my latest #lovelist. Is there something from the holistic beauty, lifestyle and fashion worlds you’re loving right now? Please share in the comments! Ecology and Co Purpose Jewelry Enlighten Festival, Adelaide Sanctuary Hill Yoga, Taranaki Lux Aestiva Wildflower Oil OMR (Organic Muscle Rub)…


Velettà: Luxe, Natural Skincare Launches

June 21, 2018

Velettà, a new luxe, natural skincare collection, has launched; formulated after founder Sarah Bacon became “frustrated with skincare products currently on the market”. A former lawyer, Sarah says has always been skincare-obsessed, trying countless products, with none living up to their promises. “As I’ve got older I’ve become increasingly concerned with what I’m actually putting on my skin,” she says. “I wanted to find products that contained only natural…


Herbal Deodorant: A DIY Recipe

June 15, 2018
herbal deodorant

There might be supermarket shelves of toiletries guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh and sweat-free—but at what cost to health and longevity? If you are prone to getting a sweat up, an inexpensive herbal deodorant, which will control odours without inhibiting perspiration, is easy to DIY at home. A light dusting of (aluminium free) bicarbonate soda under the arms is simple, safe and effective. Or a solution of bicarbonate soda and…

How-Tos Ingredients

Almond Oil: How to Use it Topically

June 15, 2018
almond oil

Of all the oils used in professional beauty therapy treatments, almond oil is one of my favourites thanks to its rich skin and hair moisturising properties and low odour. Tried and tested since pre-biblical times, today’s almond oil is still widely used for the same purposes: to achieve supple skin and silky hair. Greek mythology tells of a reverence for the humble almond and its mighty oil, which…


Childbirth Without Pain: Alexia Leachman

June 15, 2018

Childbirth is the passageway from maiden to mother; a natural process women have experienced since the beginning of time. So, at what point did we become fearful of what the body intrinsically knows what to do? If a woman in a coma can give birth, does this not indicate our body has it sussed? Mama, childbirth educator and activist Alexia Leachman says yes—we just have to remove our preconceived ideas…

Natural Beauty Brands


June 13, 2018
beard oil

If you haven’t noticed the beard (and beard oil) trend, just check out the almost two million Instagram posts with the hash tag #beardstyle. You’ll see men are starting to take a dedicated interest in caring for their facial hair like never before. With demand creating supply, a multitude of beard grooming companies have swung open their doors, selling products to coif and maintain beards long and short.…


Best in Beauty NZ 2018: Top Natural Picks

June 8, 2018
best in beauty

ew Zealand’s Best in Beauty 2018 winners were recently announced, with a decent showing of natural products on the reader-voted list. The first round of products were selected by editors at Bauer Media’s Fashion Quarterly, Woman’s Day, New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, Australian Women’s Weekly, Simply You, Good Health Choices and NEXT. The finalists received more than 250,000 votes. What are the authentically natural products from the Best in Beauty list? Read on…  Best Natural Beauty Product: evolu Invigorating Body…

People Real Beauty Rebels

Matilda Rice & Her Eco Beauty Life

June 4, 2018
matilda rice

Matilda Rice is the girl next door you just can’t help but like and want to hang out with. The former The Bachelor star turned-entrepreneur, social media Goddess and best-selling author, is the epitome of healthy living and natural beauty. Yet, she achieves both with grace and good humour; not a shred of obsession. Perhaps it’s Matilda’s realness that transcends the typical social media star. Not afraid to…

7 Best

7 Best Natural Body Scrubs

May 31, 2018
best natural body scrubs

Using an all-natural body scrub is about so much more than just getting skin that glows. As your body’s largest elimination organ, your skin — and more specifically its pores — needs to be cleaned properly so it can eliminate daily toxins more effectively. Knowing that what we put on our skin goes within, it’s crucial to choose a natural product that is formulated by an ethical, reputable…


Figs: An Ancient Food with Big Beauty Benefits

May 30, 2018

igs are a sweet, ancient fruit boasting important health-giving properties and a distinct flavour, making it a culinary favourite year ’round. Believed to be the first plant ever cultivated by man, the fig (fresh or dried) has stood the test of time thanks to its sweet and complex texture and undeniable health benefits, including an abundance of minerals and anti-ageing phytonutrients. The most common fig found on market…

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