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7 Best Natural Body Scrubs

May 31, 2018
best natural body scrubs

Using an all-natural body scrub is about so much more than just getting skin that glows. As your body’s largest elimination organ, your skin — and more specifically its pores — needs to be cleaned properly so it can eliminate daily toxins more effectively.

Knowing that what we put on our skin goes within, it’s crucial to choose a natural product that is formulated by an ethical, reputable company. Synthetic scrubs are often laced with plastic micro-beads, which are not only detrimental to your health, but also the planet, as they get washed down the drain and cause all sorts of environmental issues.

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Here are some of the best natural body scrubs…

Koko Cacao and Blood Orange Coffee Scrub

Koko Cacao and Blood Orange Coffee Scrub is a blend designed to invigorate, energize and firm the body. The antioxidant-rich combination of cacao, fair-trade Arabica coffee and Vitamin E rejuvenates skin while citrus and coffee stimulate blood flow.

Organic cane sugar scrubs away dead cells, leaving the organic coconut and macadamia oil to hydrate and plump, minimising stretch marks and warding off further free-radical damage. Leave it on a minute or two (you’ll want to with the gorgeous aroma of blood orange and coffee!).

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best natural body scrubs

Chic Republic Detox

I’m a huge fan of activated charcoal for tummy upsets, and for whitening teeth. But did you know it’s also fabulous for the skin? Adding it to an all-natural body scrub makes a whole lot of sense.

Chic Republic Detox Body Scrub, with its sugar base (great for removing dead skin and blackheads while cleansing and polishing) have infused their scrub with activated coconut charcoal to absorb dirt from the pores, along with oils such as grapeseed, coconut and jojoba. It’s also formulated with aloe vera, shea butter and plant extracts, so your skin is left feeling deeply cleansed (and detoxed) and beautifully moisturised.

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best natural body scrubs

Eco by Sonya Driver Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

I wouldn’t be able to talk about body scrubs without including the widely adored Eco by Sonya Driver’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. A international multi-award winner, this organic natural body buffer is best used prior to showering.

Whip on the brand’s exfoliating glove for an even more intense scrub. With certified organic lemongrass and coconut oil, it leaves your skin feeling intensely hydrated (plus the smell is completely yummy). This Aussie-made beauty essential won gold in the Janey Loves PLATINUM AWARDS 2016 and was awarded highly commended in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards (2016).

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best natural body scrubs

Honor Coffee Body Scrub

I don’t know about you, but anything natural to help me wake up in the morning is a good thing! It’s just one of the reasons I love Honour Body Scrub‘s Cucumber and Mint Organic Coffee Scrub (coffee and mint in the same formulation – need I say more?!).

While the peppermint has a cooling effect, the organic, fair trade coffee helps to stimulate circulation, while cucumber is wonderful for improving skin elasticity and regeneration (cucumber is one of my favourite smoothie ingredients for that reason). This New Zealand-made scrub also includes organic shea butter, which is rich in vitamins A, E and F.

It also has essential fatty acids and nutrients for collagen production. Other beautifying and nourishing oils include apricot kernel, jojoba, and Vitamin E. The organic pink Himalayan salt stimulates circulation and soothe sore muscles.

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Weleda Birch Body Scrub

Ah, Weleda, is there anything you don’t do well? Their Birch Body Scrub is a highly commended, natural beauty award winner for good reason. Infused with grapefruit and cypress, this is a scrub that helps to calm inflamed skin, all while stimulating circulation and encouraging cell renewal.

You won’t find synthetic anything in this all-natural beauty must-have. Dead skin is sloughed away using natural beeswax pearls, which also help to nourish and rebalance the skin. If you haven’t heard about birch before, it is said to remove toxins, while fostering the kind of glow we all hanker for. A favourite in my best natural body scrubs collection.

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Buff Mama Sea Salt Body Scrub

A scrub for the mamas in the house! Buff Natural Bodycare has formulated a deeply moisturising scrub, with essentials oils of mandarin, lavender and frankincense, to uplift, soothe and comfort. What I also love is, this is a product that does double duty (when you’re a busy mama, this is a very good thing) as a bath soak.

It’s also safe to use from the second trimester and during breastfeeding. Ingredients: 100 percent natural and lovingly handmade with certified organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hand harvested sea salt and mandarin, lavender and Frankincense essential oils.

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best natural body scrubs

Wild Hill Botanicals Salish Seaweed Salt Scrub

I can’t help but go a little ga-ga when I see organic, wildcrafted and food-grade in the same sentence. The folks at Wild Hill Botanicals who run their artisanal distillery and apothecary on Vancouver Island, Canada, grow their own herbs that are used in their all-natural, vegan products.

They use only the freshest organic oils and house-made hydrosols. All products, including their Salish Seaweed Salt Scrub, are made in small batches—by hand—to ensure freshness and quality control. This divine scrub is formulated with a blend of Pacific sea salt, French green clay and wild harvested seaweeds from the Salish Sea to stimulate circulation, provide vitamins and minerals, while gently buffing away the old, dead skin. An organic medley of oils and shea butter add moisture and nourish.

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best natural body scrubs