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Growing up, I never felt comfortable in my own skin. My weight fluctuated between chubby and on the fringe of socially acceptable. I had freckles that would never fade, regardless of how much Kintho I’d slather on. A recipe of swimming pool chlorine and the scorching Australian sun would illuminate them, taking focus off my rotund tummy that I’d cover up with an oversized T-shirt (which I’d diligently wear in and out of the pool). I was, particularly in my own mind, far from a vision of what society deemed a natural beauty.

As I reached my teens, my weight continued to fluctuate, along with my self-esteem. But by now I’d traded in my Archie comics for teen mags. It was the dawn of the supermodel age, and I was hooked. I’d enthusiastically clip the likes of Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and co from the glossy pages and paste them into my own scrapbook: a shrine of perfection, a 90s-style vision book of what I hoped to become. But as adulthood beckoned, it was obvious I wasn’t going to manifest those longer legs or a $10,000-a-day pout.

The Beauty Editor Years

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Love the skin you’re in. Make-up by Inika, Jane Iredale & Ere Perez.

What I did manifest, however, was a dream career as a beauty editor. I was suddenly working in a glamorous industry, surrounded by immaculate people, styling model shoots, and testing and recommending the latest in skincare and cosmetics. It was my job to tell readers how they could achieve supermodel perfection, even if I hadn’t quite gotten there myself. I’d pin high expectations on every gel that promised to dissolve cellulite and any cream that had been scientifically proven to fade away sun spots. With drawers full of every beauty product you can imagine, it wasn’t long before I became cynical, realizing that so many of the products I’d been testing and wearing fell far short from the results they promised. I suddenly became interested in what ingredients made up these various potions and lotions. I no longer wanted to wear — or recommend — anything I couldn’t pronounce.

Live as nature intended and see the results

The synthetic beauty products I had been wearing, along with the junk foods I was eating and my off-the-chart stress levels lead to being chronically fatigued, fainting and dizzy spells and other symptoms that stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t work for a year. My weight plummeted to a sickly 47 kilos (103 pounds). I’d almost faint every time I’d stand up. If this was what skinny felt like, I didn’t want it. All I longed for was to feel healthy — whatever that felt like, I wasn’t sure anymore. The illness took me on a 12-month journey of self-discovery. I not only overhauled what I put on my skin, but I also changed my diet, cleared out old emotions and took a good hard look at my beliefs. I was finally on the road to healing and self-acceptance.

I’m now passionate about spreading the message that true beauty starts with good health, through body, mind and spirit.

Natural and organic skincare and cosmetics are a wonderful addition to that healthy lifestyle — not a miracle cure for aging or a fast-track to high self-esteem. Choosing to live a natural, organic lifestyle, from the the foods you eat to the products you put on your skin, will reap many rewards, well beyond your reflection in the mirror. It also doesn’t need to be an overnight overhaul. Every small step you take adds up, helping you and the planet.

About EcoBeautyEditor.com

When I started EcoBeautyEditor.com more than a decade ago, finding truly natural products was a task for the determined. Back then, I was yelled at on social media for suggesting people stop wearing (toxic) sunscreen and to rethink what they’d accepted as truth, when it came to what they put on their skin. My, how things have changed.

I started Eco Beauty Editor to show people that beauty was about so much more than looks, beauty products and television commercials. I didn’t realise, back then, that I was among the first online to write about beauty from a truly holistic standpoint, covering spirituality, self-work and whole-foods, alongside 100 percent natural skincare and makeup. The global awakening that has happened since that first post has been heartening and exciting.

Natural beauty is about so much more than what we put on our skin, hair and nails. Natural beauty begins within.

Today, my mission with this website—and my social media channels—remains the same as when I began. However, now, with the industry awash with natural beauty products (and those pretending to be natural) is also about helping people cut through the confusion, save time and question what it is they’re told

Essentially, it is my dream that you become your own expert, without relying on mainstream media to tell you how to think, look or behave. Authentic beauty can only come through self-love and self-acceptance—and that part is up to you.

It’s so important to understand that every body has different requirements when it comes to health and therefore beauty—and being and staying in balance is a journey, not a destination. No one way works for everyone. My journey is not your journey and my needs are different to yours, so please be sure to do your own research and listen to your own intuition.

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Work with me to Green Your Routine. I offer a bespoke service, where I work with you one-on-one to overhaul your skincare, beauty and personal care products specific to your needs and lifestyle. Think of Green Your Routine as a natural beauty stylist to support you as you detoxify your life.

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Yours in wellness and beauty,
shannon dunn
Shannon, Eco Beauty Editor

Eco Beauty Editor is a proud judge of the CertClean 2020 Clean Beauty Awards

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