Detox Safely

How to Detox Safely

I’m blessed to be able to share the work of Dr Marilyn Golden, an amazing Australian-based healer, raw foodist and friend who is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Dr Golden, who wrote the following article about how to detoxify safely, has helped many of her patients achieve incredible results. Pollutants pervade our world. Toxins […]

rash cure

Rash Concerns & Causes

Q: I have had a reoccurring rash on my forearms and elbows, which I haven’t had since I was a baby. What do you believe could cause such rashes? Can stress exacerbate it or could it be to do with my environment? How can I find out? — Amy, Bryon Bay, Australia


Beauty from the Kitchen

The trusty kitchen pantry. In our grandmother’s day (or perhaps great grandmother’s), shelves were stocked full of non-processed goodies – food that was not only good for our health, but also our skin. Some were also perfect for keeping a clean home. Chemical cleaners certainly weren’t relied on like they are today, which resulted in […]