How to Reverse Aging Naturally

Did you know your face is a reflex organ? What does that mean? It means that the reason you get pimples, age spots, lines, wrinkles, dry patches, rashes etc are all do to the internal organs being unhealthy.

The amazing thing about this is that you don’t need plastic surgery or expensive creams. All you need to do is cleanse your internal organs and when they clean up, guess what? The pimples, age spots, lines, wrinkles, dry patches and rashes ALL GO AWAY AND YOU LOOK YOUNG ONCE AGAIN.

Don’t believe me? just look up Mimi Kirk looking great at 75 years young, look at Markus Rothkranz 50 years young, looks better now than when he was in his 20’s and he’s got photo’s to prove it!

I am also an iridologist with nearly a thousand clients on file, and I can tell you that fasting and eating more fresh raw foods is typically the only way I have been able to track actual healing in the eyes.

Doctor Jack Tipps, the man I trained with, admits that it takes years to see even the slightest change and rarely sees healing lines. Well this is not the experience I have with clients at all, in fact quite the contrary. Most alternative doctors and naturopaths prescribes supplements. Hey, I understand (it’s a great way to make $$$). But if you have a toxic liver or kidney, why not do your best to clean them out (fasting) and eat the fresh whole foods that are known to heal those organs?

This is much better than bypassing the senses and swallowing a plastic pill with some replicated GMO extracted supposed nutrient that could sit on a shelf for years and that the body most likely doesn’t recognize anyway. NO LIFE FORCE, NO FIBER, NO WAY.

So go look very closely in the mirror at the little lines, pores, bumps, redness etc around your eyes, mouth, forehead, chin, cheeks and then refer to this chart and see whats really going on inside!


PS: Go buy Markus’s book (Heal Your Face) this book changed my life and is the reason I became an iridologist and sclerologist.


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Tyler Tolman is an in-demand natural health coach and co-founder of Conscious Lifestyler, a global online community that helps its members to improve their health and take control of their lives through natural and healthy practices, tools, and values. Tyler’s journey began at the age of 12 when he went to spend the summer with his father, Don Tolman, on his farm in Salem, Missouri. It was here that he witnessed and took part in the health retreats that his father led, where people would be taught about the power of natural raw foods to heal the body. He saw first-hand the effectiveness of his father’s methods to improve and heal devastating illnesses, and this gave him the inspiration to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue and expand upon his research and techniques. Tyler now lives in Bali, Indonesia, with his wife Rachelle and daughter Seaenah.