Cabbage Rejuvelac

An easy way to up your intake of good bacteria is by making cabbage rejuvelac, a sweet tasting drink made by fermenting purple or green cabbage. Adding lactobacteria to your diet has many health benefits, including better digestion and clearer skin.

If you’ve made good quality rejuvelac it will taste slightly sweet. Poor quality rejuvelac is easy to spot thanks to a bad odor and taste. If this is the case, throw out the batch and start again. It’s also important to use only high quality water when making it, so go for spring where possible or distilled, filtered or reverse osmosis.

The recipe I like to use is from Natasha Kyssa’s Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual:

• 3 1/2 cups purified water
• 6 cups coarsely chopped, loosely packed fresh organic cabbage

Add water and cabbage to blender, and start blending at low speed for 30 seconds. Advance to high speed and blend for another 30 seconds until well blended. Pour into a clean Mason jar (or glass jug), cover lightly with a cloth (don’t seal) and let stand at room temperature for three days.

Strain off liquid rejuvelac using a nut milk bag or strainer. Refrigerate liquid rejuvelac, and compost the pulp – all the nutrients are in the liquid.

Cabbage rejuvelac takes three days to mature. It will keep one week in the fridge.

Photo by Net Efekt

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