Natural and Organic Awards 2014: Winners Announced

The winners of the coveted Natural and Organic Awards 2014 were announced on Sunday 13 April in The Champagne Suite at Novotel London West, after the close of business of the first day of the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show. Now in its 19th year, the annual awards brought together over 450 industry […]


Beauty and the Asparagus

There are good health and beauty reasons to add asparagus to your next salad or summer soup: its proven anti-inflammatory properties may prevent certain types of cancer, while providing natural digestive support. Sautéed, steamed, boiled or braised, asparagus makes for a tasty summer treat in myriad dishes. Yet, it also boasts potent health and beauty […]

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Cameron Diaz’s 7 Secrets of Healthy Living

With a tag line of “feed, move, understand and love your amazing body”, Cameron Diaz’s bestselling The Body Book instantly had me intrigued. From her down-to-earth nature to glowing spirit, when I heard she had just released a book about keeping fit, fabulous and happy, I couldn’t wait to read what she had to say. […]


The Essential Guide to Waking Up

Have you ever wondered why we believe certain things? And why some of those beliefs seem to keep us at arms length of living the life we really want? From birth until approximately 11, our minds are like sponges, soaking up whatever information comes our way, taking on what we’re told by parents, teachers and […]

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Your 12 Chakras: Your Spiritual Destiny

You are energetically designed to have a life of magnificence. Within you is a powerful, in-built chakra system, which creates for you a beautiful life, filled with all the things you cherish and adore. Going within and changing your energy, is the only sure fire way to change your life because the state of your […]

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Making Baby: Essential Habits for Getting Fertile

In what has become an era of quick fixes and instant gratification, there’s a natural state of being that has suffered as a result of this “have it all now” mentality—due in large part, say some experts, to the anxiety that can come from not getting what we want, as quickly as we want it. […]

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